Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Stay with me while I try to get back into posting.
I don't know what happened to me.

When I started this blog almost 3 years and 486 posts ago, I had "stuff" to write. I still have words to write but somewhere along the line I've gotten ... (fill in the blank). Busy. Tired. Lazy. Uninspired. Too inspired. Distracted. Mostly just distracted.
I started a photo scavenger hunt the first of June and it has really kick-started my love of taking photos again. I have a habit of opening up a new folder to store photos each month and for the last year those folders have been very small. I noticed this morning that I have shot a lot of pics this month, so far, and when I open up that folder I see color ... which means my life is colorful. Love that!
Yesterday I received a couple of new dresses I ordered from the Dressbarn. I once heard a comedian (I think it was Chris Rock!!!) make a joke about women buying clothes from the Dressbarn. I could hardly get past that before I set foot in the store. Words are powerful. Today, I love the Dressbarn.
Another squirrel!!!
It rained Tuesday. Our tomato plants couldn't take the weight of the rain and were bent over so hubby and I had to pull them up with some kind of rope and tie them to the fence. We are horrible gardeners but I think we're going to have more tomatoes than we can eat. These tomatoes went crazy. I like to think it's that awesome compost I spent all last summer growing and used in this raised bed.
Having just now this morning realized I'm only 14 posts away from a magic 500, I'm gonna try to get myself together and think of something thoughtful to write. Don't give up on me.
What's colorful in your life?  Tell me!

love, susan

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