Monday, June 17, 2013

S is for Summer!

Just a quick post to record my weekend. I squeezed every bit of fun I could from it and I would hate to forget the highlights. The older I get, the more than happens. Also, when you pack as much fun stuff into 48 hours, like we do, it's hard to remember it all. 
Friday night we went to the house of a friend's parents, who have a home theater. This is the second time we've gone and I have to say the home theater is truly a great idea. We watched "Princes Bride".  What a hoot. How'd we miss this film from the 80's?  I know.  But I'm not gonna say.
We got out of the house early Saturday to go find a floating device for me. I had an invitation to float the Yakima river and had to act fast on it. On the way home we stopped at Fiesta Foods (our favorite place to buy produce) and got all the makings for salsa. I cleaned my office and one closet and rewarded us with a nice homemade meal.
Sunday.  Let me just say that I was so jazzed about the floating trip that I hardly slept. I was up early (5:00am) and drove down to the river to catch the photo you see here. Stopped over at a friend's house to let her dogs out while she was out of town and then tried to stay busy waiting for 12:30pm to arrive .... to go on that floating trip.
It was well worth the wait. I wish I had pics to show you but I was a virgin floater and decided to keep it really simple with what I towed along. Everything gets wet and although it is totally possible to take a camera along (one that you don't really care about ruining) with the proper number of heavy-duty Ziplocs, I chose to go camera-less.
Floating down the Yakima was everything I thought it would be. Relaxing, sunny, and peaceful. We saw a hawk, some egret, baby geese and lots of other floaters. It took two hours to go about 2 miles. I enjoyed everything about it and I can hardly wait to do it again!  My friend says we gotta do the Columbia River when it gets warmer. There are places where it is not too swift. She has been floating the rivers her whole life so I trust she won't take me beyond my capabilities.
Sunscreen works. I only have one tiny spot in the crook of my arm where I missed slathering it on. If I had not put sunscreen on, I'm sure I'd be in the hospital with bad burns.  The sun was intense ... just the way I like it.
Monday morning. Gotta go spread a little joy at work!
What did you do last weekend?
love, susan

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  1. kind of a lazy day here went to Fredmeyers got a few grocerys and got some cute little clothes for the three great grandkids I will have all next week while their mom takes a trip later I went for a walk then dinner for the men a nice kicked back day


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