Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Better World

A better world ... and definitely a better cup of coffee. That's what I found at Dutch Bros. this week. While they may not be totally local, they claim to be regional and I can get down with that. The biggest selling point for their awesome coffee is the lid.  Number one ... they all have cool messages on them. I am a sucker for that. And, the drink hole is raised. It's like a sippy cup for adults. LOVE THAT!!!
It was another fun-filled weekend with friends and animals. We hit the church yard sales on Saturday and found a couple of treasures. I needed a pair of water shoes and my friend, K, not knowing I needed water shoes, pointed them out to me. Two bucks. No whammies. I was thrilled. Bought a dress that I can wear to work for three bucks. Totally happy camper, I am.
In the afternoon, we went to a friend's house for dinner. I didn't want to overstay our welcome so in my mind I thought we'll leave in two hours.  We talked, non-stop, for 4+ hours. I'm thinking we ought to get together a little more often. She made a smoked salmon quiche that was out of this world and was so kind to send us home with two pieces which I heated up for a late breakfast. It may have been even better this morning, I don't know. If you're reading this C, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hospitality. Remember what I said, if you invite me to dinner, I'll come.  I never say no to a dinner invite. Ever. LOL!
The other thing I did this weekend was watch grass grow. Don't laugh. I've seen grass grow in chic magazines. I had the idea when I lost whatever herb I started in this little pot. The grass seed hasn't quite made it to the bare spots on our lawn so I decided to see if a bad gardener like me could simply throw it in the pot and make it grow. I didn't even bury it. Just watered it and watched it grow. I'll be seeding my lawn soon.
In other boring news, "Remi" is in the army now. She is the worst dog I've ever taken for a walk. We vowed to spend at least 5-10 minutes a day setting her up for being a better walker.  To be continued.
So, this sticking around the house on the weekends has not been bad. I started a new book my friend, C, gave me.  Can hardly put it down. 
Hope you had an eventful weekend. And I certainly hope you drink coffee that makes your world better.
love, susan


  1. my world is better for you being in it..;-)

  2. I always enjoy reading about what you've been up as seen threw your eyes. That's for touching your fan club with smiles :)


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