Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love Containers (February Love Series)

I have an obsession with containers.  Sometimes I have to de-contain my home and it's hard to let go of some of the treasures I've hung on to, hoping I'd have an occasion to use them. 

I know I'm not the only one who loves containers. There is a whole store devoted to them called The Container Store. I've never been to one.

My love of containers doesn't stop with just the normal shoebox kind. I love those fancy bags you get when you shop at places like Macy's or Starbucks. I love anything that comes in a sturdy box.  A couple of months ago, I found a box sitting on a ledge near the grocery store that once had held an iPhone. (The grocery store is right next to AT&T). I picked it up to see what was inside. The person apparently only needed the phone because they left the earbuds and manual inside.  Score! While I love my new iPod earphones very much, the box was just as much of a gift from the universe for me. Apple does not put their product in any cheap old box. No. It's a sturdy, handsome white container. When you hold this box, you know you've got something of value.

Our grandaughter, Ava, loves containers too. She collects jewelry boxes and purses. When we go to garage sales and thrift stores, her eyes light up when she finds a nice handbag or container. I get her!

I love recycle bags, too.  What do you love?

love, susan


  1. isn't it crazy? I love containers too. I am actually in search of some matching ones to put along the shelf in our closet to hide all the junk that sits on the shelf now. haha the girl I babysit is named Ava just thought i would mention that. lol

  2. I'm another container lover! I keep sturdy boxes, and love the shoe boxes I covered with pretty wrapping paper that I use to store odds and ends. I love stationery and office supplies. I'm not one for shopping, but turn me loose in an office supply store and I'm in heaven. I've never been to the Container Store either, but I've drooled over their stuff on-line. Oh... and I love unique, pretty, pens.


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