Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Love Blogging (February Love Series)

I started this blog a year and a half ago after I took a hiatus from my Facebook account. I was so distracted by FB that I spent hours and hours of time on it and each time I shut my computer down I felt empty and disconnected. Deactivating left me time to start writing some things that had been floating around in my head for a long time.

Writing this blog helps make room for new thoughts and ideas and it allows me to connect those old stories with the new ones. After writing everyday for most of the first year, I found I could link something I had written before into my new post. Connect the dots, so to speak.

Besides blogging, I love snapping photos. I was in Seattle recently and took this photo at the fish market. I was looking a little closer at this pic and noticed this fishmonger is holding a Starbucks coffee cup. I also noticed the signs touting their fish is 100% Sustainable. I wonder what that means.

In the back of my mind, I'm thinking someday I'll make a book of my blog posts and leave it behind for my son. I'm not sure if he reads me now but maybe he will want to read these one day. I don't write for that purpose. I write because I feel better when I do. And, I love feeling better.

love, susan 


  1. I think "100% Sustainable" means that they don't sell endagered fish such as swordfish, Atlantic salmon, shark, certain species of tuna, monk fish, etc. It's just sickening how the world's oceans are being over fished to the point of extinction of many species. Nice to see that at least somewhere they are paying attention to it and especially a heavily touristed fish market in Seattle. Helps get the word out.

    1. I just googled 100% Sustainable and you are 100% right! I think this is definitely helpful information to know. I had never heard the term used before. Thanks!

  2. Your blogs are an ispiration to me. Thank you for opening up this "world" to me. Loved having you visit me in Seattle!!!

    1. Does this mean I'll start seeing more blog posts from you????!!! If so, every mile on that Greyhound bus was worth it! I loved rekindling an old friendship that was always easy! You're the kind of steady friend that even though the years might fly by, I know we always have something to talk about. You are loved!


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