Friday, February 24, 2012

Flowers and Ice

I shot this photo last July when we were near Detroit Lake, Oregon. I always love seeing the opposites in things. I laughed when I saw the "ice" sign behind the flowers, trying to imagine how such a beautiful, warm place could get cold enough for ice. I also knew this picture would come in handy for a blog post one day.

I have little clumps of deep green stems poking up in front of my house. When I mention it to my friends they ask me if I have crocus.  Truth is, I'm not sure.  I can't remember what flowers I have.  I only know that seeing life spring up this time of year makes me very happy and I always send a little "thank you" up in the air to whoever planted those perennial flowers. I'll bet they have no idea how much their thoughtfulness is appreciated.  As the temps are not all that warm at night, I think it's a miracle that the yearlies poke their heads up already.

I know it's not officially spring yet ... but it's real  close! 

love, susan

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