Monday, August 14, 2017

August Fires: A Life List

Looking Out My Window It's 5:51 and the sun is barely up. This is the time of year this ex-Alaskan notices the darkness creeping in minute by minute every day. The smoke from this summer's fires was whisked away by the gentle winds yesterday which also blew in cooler weather. It's only going to be 83 today and then 87, 91, 89, 94.
Weekend Review I took Friday off and I packed a lot of fun into the last 3 days. This summer we've not traveled anywhere and I am enjoying sticking closer to home, although I'm not home much. I had lunch with a friend on Friday, two photo shoots back to back on Saturday evening, a photo shoot early yesterday morning, and volleyball and bbq in the park with lots of friends. Here it is Monday morning and time to get back to work.
What I'm Learning The hubby and I went out to dinner Saturday night to P.F. Changs as a friend had given me a gift card in exchange for a photo shoot I did for her. This is not a place I would normally go but I checked out the menu beforehand and found items I could fit into my eating plan. It was the first time I have ever ordered an entrĂ©e from the vegetarian section. Luckily, I had tried fried tofu a very long time ago when my son ordered it and let me try it. I have been eating "clean" since May 1 and I thought ordering the vegetarian dish would be okay but whatever they used in the spicy sauce definitely affected me. I woke up with super puffy eyes and bloat. An experiment I don't need to repeat. The dish was wonderful but I paid for it all day.
What I'm Creating I've been doing more video shoots for the dog rescue gig. I've not ever used the video on my phone before and I definitely have never done a YouTube video but I'm working on it now. Having fun with that!
What I'm Reading Not one single page this week.
What I'm Watching Hubby and I sat down and started watching Ozark on Netflix last night. Not sure I'm going to like it yet but will give it one more episode. It is shot in that kind of dark cinematography that I do not care for. If the series continues that way, it will be the reason I stop watching it.

What's On My Camera  Dogs.
A Quote I Want to Share Love trumps hate.  ~Susan Arthur
A Peek Into My Week Three photo shoots this week. Dogs. Work.
A Final Thought So many thoughts about what's going on in the United States. My job is to keep loving people and spreading joy. I refuse to be part of the problem.
love, susan

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