Monday, August 21, 2017

A Total Eclipse: Life List

Looking out the window, that eclipse was something. I didn't buy special glasses for it but friends at work offered to let me look through theirs. It was pretty cool. Even more so was the reaction from one young co-worker who was giddy when she first saw the eclipse. It seemed to bring a lot of joy to everyone in my office and I really dig that.

Review of last week I had photo shoots every night last week. I'm donating proceeds to the animal rescue group I shoot for. People have been super generous and they all seem to be very happy with the work I've done for them. It has been joyful for me but I am tired and will be glad for a little break in September.

Scary kitty.
Remi patiently waiting for a walk
I was hardly home last week except to grab a bite to eat, change my clothes, say hello to the hubby and dogs, and out the door. I never watched the news or saw one program. No big deal. I know stuff is going on. I'm enjoying the break from it.

Yesterday we took a trip to Boulder Cave near Naches, Washington. It was big fun.

River Park in Hermiston, Oregon
Vegetable Pho

Speaking of breaks, I'm getting excited about my annual trip with my high school buddies at the end of September. This year we are meeting up in Lincoln City, Oregon for 6 days. There is plenty to see in the area so I'm sure we'll use those days up quickly. Art galleries, glass blowing studios, aquarium, people watching, etc.

A peek into my week reveals 4 photos shoots are lined up. Everyone so far has shown up. I have one person on my calendar that might flake out. Tonight I have no shoots and I think I'll just rest.

Hope you have a fun week.  love, susan


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