Friday, March 10, 2017


I've always loved the word altruism. Way back in the day when I worked in the mental health field, I was part of a team that met every morning for 30 minutes to check in, debrief, make a plan for the day, and discuss case management for clients who were chronically mentally ill. It was during that time that I heard the word used. I had to look it up as it was not a word used in any other part of my life, ever. One of the social workers explained it in terms I could understand. He said to think about sitting at a table with several people, a lovely meal in front of you, and the only utensil is so long that you cannot bring the food to your own mouth. The only way to consume that beautiful meal is to feed the person across from you, and they you. That's altruism.

In my writing jounal this morning, this word came up as I am getting ready for a special weekend with some beautiful people in my life. Altruism.  It isn't just for special occasions or when it is convenient. It is for every occasion.

Food for thought.

love, susan

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