Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Game Changers

A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

That's right.

Last May, for my birthday, my son and his lovely wife gave me a FitBit. It's one of those little bitty electronics that I can clip on myself just about anywhere and it tracks how many steps I take every day.  Game changer.

I have worn that thing nearly every single day (and night) since it arrived. It it is a reminder to me when I think about taking the elevator to go up one floor (I know, right???) that it will not count my stair steps. I have the kind of mind & body that will always take the easy route. There hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't had this little conversation in my head.

Lazy Susan: "Stairs? Nah, elavator."
FitBit Susan: "It won't count."
Lazy Susan: "You can always take the stairs later today."
FitBit Susan: "It won't count later. Take the stairs."

Game changer.

About a year ago, I was gifted with a wonderful new co-worker who is health-wise in many ways. One day I said outloud that I had a craving for a soda and she non-chalanty said, "what you really want is water, Susan".   Game changer. She said the funny thing about drinking water is that once you start drinking it, you'll want it. She is right about that. I rarely drink soda but even less now that I started drinking H2O. 

Game changer.

Yesterday, I dusted off the treadmill. It has been ignored for ... mmm ... at least 6 months. It still works.  And, so do my legs.  I logged 15,000 steps yesterday between the moving sidewalk and my work escapades. I'm pretty sure that's the most I've logged since May. YEAH ME!  

Game changer.

Hey, I also received my new Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4 yesterday. I've been wanting a tablet for a long time so I could write while traveling. I think  it will be a game changer.

There are many other game changers in my life that I don't have time to write about this instant but you can bet the farm I'll be thinking about them today and I'll get back to you on them. 

Sharing is caring. What game changers do you have?

love, susan


  1. Total Gamechangers... Seems to be the pattern of things in my life over the last year!! The birth of my 4th baby in July, starting my own business in the health and wellness industry and writing! Starting my own blog has been a major game changer... you have inspired a new topic for me!

  2. I thought of you today when I went to an appointment and took the stairs instead of the elevator. I appreciate businesses that put the stairs close to the elevators so they are easy to find, and really really love when they make the stairs open and attractive rather than closed off at the end of a hall and looking industrial or creepy.

    Good going with the fitbit! I want one that will record how many flights of stairs I climb.

    As for game changers... I'm stumped. I've been thinking about it since I first read your post a few days ago, but still draw a blank.

    1. I took my Kindle down to the treadmill and watched a half-hour episode of a series I am watching. The 30 minutes WHIZZED by. I think I'm going to allot myself one hour from now on. My son says he plays video games while on his treadmill. He is getting an average of 20,000 steps a day. Twice what I am getting. I need to "step it up" a bit I think.


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