Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This Week's Life List

LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW The skies are blue and the wind is blowing. Most people around here hate the wind. I can stand it as long as the sun shines. When I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, I could take the below zero temps as long as the skies were blue. Same here. 

AS I PONDER the election results last week, I feel better every day that goes by. I've been thinking non-stop about the election. I have an opinion about the whole thing but I've decided to do my best to be helpful where I can. Complaining is not going to be helpful right now. Action is my watch word today.

WHAT I AM LEARNING I just finished up a 6-week dog class where I learned to "heel" with my youngest dog. I'm learning that she requires a lot more work than the other two did and that I will get out what I put in as far as training goes. What a blast! And, oh, this week I made my own reservations for a trip I'm taking in April to Nashville with a friend. I don't fly often and never make my own plans so this was huge for me. Technology sometimes brings on a little fear but I laugh in its face.

WHAT I AM CREATING This is a tough one. I haven't been creating much of anything lately. I'm definitely happier when I am doing something creative. I'd better think about this and get busy.

WHAT I'M READING I just finished reading Leah Remini's "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology". I could hardly put it down. Soooooo interesting! I don't have another book lined up just yet so I made a deal with myself that I am going to read every inch of the most recent AARP Magazine sitting my desk. Warren Beatty is the feature story.  It will not be difficult to keep this deal with myself. Don't you just love Warren Beatty????

WHAT I'M WATCHING Please don't judge me.  I'm in the sixth season of HBO's "Californication".  It is so naughty but I am in love with the characters. Hank Moody, a writer with serious writer's block, (played by David Duchovny) is as messed up as anybody I've ever known. And, so likeable. This series has some really raw scenes that I wouldn't want to watch with my grandkids but it has heart. I recommend it for my open-minded friends. 

WHAT I'M HEARING:  People are saying we're going back 50 years.

Shot very early Sunday morning at sunrise near my house.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN MY KITCHEN: Last night I baked a big chunk of red salmon a friend gifted to us. Ever since that colonoscopy I had done last week, I've been haunted by the gory photos my doctor gave me of my colon. It is incentive enough to eat well every day.

This too shall pass 

A PEEK INTO MY WEEK(END): We've been invited to a one year old's birthday party on Saturday. I will be the photographer. I am hoping to go for a Sunday drive to someplace interesting with my hubby.

A FINAL THOUGHT: If you got this far, I thank you for following my blog posts and reading me. I've been processing my feelings about the election and trying to remain positive. I've also been thinking about the word "Improve".  I think it was the word I chose for my theme for 2016. I haven't done so well improving. It's not too late though.

This blog post idea came from a blogger I follow. She posts this list every Monday and I think it is such a terrific idea that I'm going to give it try. I find myself so empty lately and without enthusiasm to write.  So, a big shout out and thank you to Paula over at Smidgens Bits and Snippets for her ideas!

love, susan

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