Monday, October 17, 2016

R and R

My dog, Remi, knows how to rest. We often snuggle up every morning after a routine of going outside, getting fed, mama making her coffee, and finding something to sit down and read.  I finished a book last week that was so good I am having a hard time thinking about what to read next. Does that ever happen to you? So today, I sat in front of my happy light and wrote a couple of letters to friends. I wish now I had taken a few minutes to sit with Remi. I wish she could come to work with me. I wouldn't get anything done because the truth is she is not like this for long but I still wish I could have her with me all the time. She's a great companion.
I'm tired today. I didn't rest over the weekend like I told myself I was going to. Perhaps next weekend.

I need lessons in resting.

I've been thinking about those hot springs we visited in Montana a couple weeks ago. I sure felt great after spending a couple hours every day in them. I lived in Alaska for 30+ years and only visited Chena Hot Springs a couple of times and I'm not sure I even got in the pools. They were kind of stinky. Boy, if I could have that time back!

Maybe I could join a gym that has a Jacuzzi. That'd be like taking a vacation every single day.

I may be on to something.

love, susan

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  1. I loved the hot springs we visited years ago. So relaxing!!


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