Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reading Challenge Update

I've made it almost half-way to my goal of reading 52 books this year. I am not sure I've read 20 books in a year since high school.

Here's how I did it:
  • I attended a one-day seminar in August and there I was exposed to a few titles and authors I had never considered reading before. How have I gotten this far in life without ever reading anything by John C. Maxwell? I simply cannot stop reading his work.

  • I make time every morning to sit with a cup of coffee, my little devil dog, "Remi", a favorite blankie, and my Kindle. Depending on what time I get up, I read at least 30 minutes and if I can squeeze an hour, I do it.
  • I don't give up. Sometimes my mind will wander while I'm reading. When I recognize it happening, I say the word FOCUS and bring myself back to the book.
  • I turn my phone to silent and leave it in another room.
  • I protect my reading time by closing my office door if my hubby decides to watch the news or turn on the radio. I'm one of those freak people who cannot have any other noises in the room when I've reading.
I love reading from my Kindle but I also read a few hardbound books this year. I like the highlight feature on my e-reader. It allows me to go back and see my favorite lines. I want to share a few with you here:

"It was like having more candy than other people, or getting stars on homework papers--to have the mother who looked the best." -- Olive Kittinger by Elizabeth Strout

"I try to do certain things every day to help me in this area (focusing on the present). I read daily to grow in my personal life. I listen to others daily to broaden my perspective. I spend time thinking daily to apply what I am learning. And I try to write daily so that I can remember what I've learned. I also try to share those lessons with others." --Talent is Never Enough  John C. Maxwell

"All this could have been avoided if I were less pretty." --Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

How about you? What are you reading?  Do you have special times set aside for reading? Any reading goals?  Favorite lines from your books?  Tell me!
love, susan

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