Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Writing About Writing

Thank you to my online friend, Sora over at Shine Connection, for inviting me to write about writing and share it with her in a sort of blog "tag, you're it" kind of thing.  I love a deadline and a good challenge!
Why do I write what I write:  Well, I just can't help it.  I have to write. My head will explode if I don't. Actually, it's more like my heart will explode more than anything.  I often get all filled up with emotions, usually sappy/happy ones, and writing helps me sort that out. Every day is full of experiences. Weird confession:  I feel like that little boy in the Sixth Sense who said "I see dead people".  While I don't see dead people, I am witness to things that often other people seem to miss and I just gotta write about it, ya know? Do you remember the moment in that movie where Bruce Willis realizes he's dead too? Well, it's kind of like that when I connect with people through my writing. When someone leaves a comment on my blog post, it makes me feel like they maybe saw the same thing I did. I can gage when I have written something in my most genuine voice ... it will always garner comments. If you are not past my weird confession, I'm sorry for that visual.

What are you currently working on?   Next question please.   No, seriously I started writing a memoir that got painful so I have it on the shelf for the time being. Or maybe I got busy.  Or dis-interested. Or (fill in the blank). I just re-signed with a great group of writers over at Unboot Camp with Jacob Norby, which will start in September. Truly, I'm hoping to get back to work on that memoir. It does have a happy ending!  Also, I love blogging. 
How does your work differ from others in the same genre? I don't even know how to answer this question. May I phone a friend, use a life-line, or ask the audience please?

Describe your writing process.  My writing is often inspired by the photographs I shoot.  My first other love is photography. I started this blog almost 3 years ago because I was shooting a lot of photos and really wanted a space where I could explain the images. I take photos almost every day and from those I will often find something to write about. I have developed a habit of writing morning pages (journaling). However, I am much more faithful to writing daily in the fall/winter than I am during summertime. I'll grab a cup of coffee, shut my office door and write a couple of pages ... a mind "dump" so to speak. From there, an idea may "bubble up" and I'll write a blog post. When I'm traveling, I try to keep notes but honestly I have to admit that my ideas are fleeting and if I don't write about them immediately, the ideas are gone. It feels like a mental illness some days. Can anyone relate to that?

Okay, your turn.  If you're a writer and feel inclined, write a post with the above topics and send it to me!  I'd love to hear from you!

love, susan

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  1. Love it Susan! Thanks for joining the blog tour, and it will be fun to see where the journey leads. For now, like you, I'm just happy to be writing again. (And, I'll see you in Unbootcamp in September ... kind of sounds like a song, doesn't it?!!) I think we'll be there for the remedial course for campers that deserted their writing the first go round. hahahaha!


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