Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Goodbye Melissa, You Were Significant

Sad day.  My friend "T" and I went for our Tuesday night coffee and discovered our favorite barrista is leaving us. Seems she is going off to college in Oklahoma.  The nerve of her.
Well, yes. 
Melissa started making our coffees sometime last year. We didn't really notice that she remembered us coming in every Tuesday until we missed a couple of Tuesdays. She mentioned it when we did return and I think that is significant.
So we asked her what her name is and made a commitment to remember her name each Tuesday.  We received the best customer service in the TriCities!
Last night there was a new girl at the counter. She never made eye contact, didn't smile, didn't act excited to see us. What the hell?  I kindly said, "where is Melissa?"  Out of the back I hear her say, "I'm here"!  She had just seriously burned her hand and couldn't work. After a little exchange, she said she is leaving on Friday to get a higher education.  Good for her. Bad for us.
So, I ask the grumpy girl what her name is.  Honestly, I cannot remember what she said.
Wanna make a great impression on someone? 
Make eye contact.
Care enough to give a smile.
Be present.
Just sayin'.
Do you have a favorite significant barrista or hair stylist or nurse? 
Are you being significant? Tell me about it!
love, susan


  1. One of the best ever here today. Right on the money.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! You've made my day!!! You are significant, whoever you are!!! :-)

  2. I miss your smile Sue...You make my day and I will sign my name...Nancy


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