Monday, August 18, 2014

Hating on Sundays

I got to spend some time with Lily and
her people on Saturday. Big fun!
A couple of weekends ago I was having a nice conversation with my son via phone. Since their visit here in July we made a commitment to talk more often. I'm not sure if it was my hysterical crying in a phone call shortly after they left that did it but those conversations have been priceless. If you are reading this, my son and precious daughter-in-law, I love you and the sound of your voices.
One of the things we last talked about was hating Sundays. When he said he kinda hates Sundays I knew exactly what he meant. That apple don't fall far from the tree. I don't exactly hate Sundays but the anxiety of only having one day left of what I consider a two-day holiday can be overwhelming.  
What to do with my time?  When my son was about eight years old, he would wake up on Sunday mornings and complain that it was almost time to go back to school. I always laughed but I sure understood what he meant. So I started telling him that he could not complain about Mondays until 8:00pm on Sunday night. I was hoping to divert his attention and get him to enjoy the day without the anxiety of spending it well.
I had to laugh when he brought it up on the phone.  I wake up and think about how I am going to spend my last few hours of freedom. I want to spend them well, like the last few dollars in a bank account. Should I do laundry or can I put it off until the last minute? Road trip or lawn care? Grocery shopping or watch a movie?  It's about the choices. There are just so many choices. I'm hoping that our recent conversation helped in some way.
As I sit here thinking about this last weekend, I once again was able to stuff a lot of fun into it. And truth be told, I did wake up hating Sunday. I got over it pretty quickly but the feeling is always the same. OMG, I only have 15 hours of free time left!
How about you, do you feel like that on your days off?
love, susan

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