Monday, June 16, 2014

Cloud Nine

The sun set in a fiery blaze of pink-almost-red last night. I shot this Sunday eve  from the home of friends who were married on Saturday as I delivered DVD's from their wedding.
I'm no wedding photographer, that's for sure. But I loved that our friends trusted me to do the best job possible.  They will never know how much it meant to me. To see their beautiful day unfold through my lens was emotional for me.  
I arrived early so as to relieve any doubt that I would show up. Wedding days are stressful as there are so many balls up in the air. This day was produced and choreographed by close friends and family. The flowers, the cake, the decorations, the little girls' hair, the table setup, the music, the ceremony, the photos, the food ... all done by people who love J & J. Nothing was left undone and it was a beautiful gathering of smiling, wonderful people.
The difficult part of getting images was the bright sun and high stress. Looking through my lens I could see the wrinkled furrow on each of their brows. I had no idea how much it showed until their friend and minister-for-a-day announced them as husband and wife and directed them around to the audience of family and friends.  There is that moment when I saw "ahhhh, we did it"!  And then the photos changed.
I saw my old friends. Relaxed. Comfortable. In love.
It was a purely joyful day and I hope I'll remember the feeling of being with family. I hope I remember the beautiful smiles, the hugs and kisses, the visiting, the feeling that everything is right in the world.
.... I'm still on cloud nine.  Let me be.
love, susan


  1. What a beautiful family!! You captured them so well!

  2. Aw what amazing pics! That's so awesome you were able to do that for them :)

    1. Great experience for me. Thanks for stopping by!


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