Friday, March 8, 2013


Oh brother, it's March 8th and I haven't even opened up a "March" photo file on my 'puter yet.

<----- This is my February squirrel.

I blame FB and my new smart phone.

I'm obsessed with the new phone ....

  and "Words for Friends" ....

  and FB ....

Note to self:  must put down the phone and live life.

Stay tuned ....

   it's gonna be a fabulous weekend.

On my list of things to do, not necessarily in this order:

Go to the antique show at the TRAC to visit my friend, Kristy's, space
Finish cleaning up that tree that fell in November
Take the dogs for a walk
Clean up the herb garden
Watch a movie

What are you doin' this weekend?

love, susan


  1. You're back on FB?! I'm so surprised. :) We should play words with friends though, I'll message you with my screen name. Love you!

    1. I know, right? I'm already regretting it somewhat. I have no control over how much time I spend on it. Nothing prevents me from taking another hiatus ... LOL!

      Yes, let's do play words with friends! I will text you with my user name!


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