Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goin' Old School

A post the other day garnered a comment: "kickin' it old school" and it got me to thinking about old school stuff. 
Yeah, I love packing up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for an old fashioned picnic. I miss those days with my kid when we would spend a Saturday afternoon at Alaskaland in Fairbanks. There's nothing more wonderful than getting in the car and forgetting about time & worries by going to the park and feeding the squirrels and birds, petting a few stray dogs and listening to kids laugh ... and then cry when mama says it's time to go. It also serves as a good way to avoid doing those ugly chores like laundry and picking up the dog poop.
I also love talking to my peeps on the phone. That's considered old school nowadays. Isn't that crazy?  My son has been calling me more often ... usually on Sundays ... and I'm really digging it. I know texting is a great way to relay information quickly but I especially love those friends and family who still take time to have a real, live conversation.  Don't you?
And how about letter writing? I have a friend I left behind in Arizona who surprises me with her "old school" notecards. I owe her one right now ... I should be writing it instead of this.
And oh, how about the old school Sunday drive?  When was the last time you went on one?  It's not really old school for us.  There is hardly a weekend goes by that we don't get in the car and drive somewhere. Sometimes only 40 or 50 miles, sometimes 300. We tend to solve the world's problems on Sundays. And truthfully, it's the best time for undivided attention to each other. And, packing a lunch to go along makes it more than old school.
So, how do you kick it old school?
love, susan

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  1. Hey. What a lovely topic. I kick it old school in every way that makes me feel good without thinking about it. I follow a blog about a family that does just about everything the old old school way, down to farming, raising animals for food, spinning wool from their own sheep and living off the land. I am thankful for technology, because the less time I spend hunting, gathering and making cloth frees me to do other things, like reading great posts, making art, cooking from scratch, growing food and flowers from seeds. Then I get to take my camera for drives in the country.

    JC and I have packed tuna sandwiches and canteens with icy cold water, and relished an apple down to its seeds for dessert. We get to swing and use the slide on a Sunday once in a while.

    I still think cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet that's older than Erin is one of the best reasons for kicking it old school. My cast iron cookware is harder to life but my food is rich in iron, and it takes me back to the old days when everything was good school. :)

    Susan, I enjoyed this too much. :D Thank you.


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