Saturday, July 28, 2012

Plan C

Mt. Adams
What a beautiful day for a road trip. We had planned to travel one direction to visit good friends but one of them fell ill and had to cancel. I know my friend worried about it but I assured her that Gene and I always have a Plan B, C, and D.  Today we went with Plan C.

We got up this morning and originally planned to head towards Leavenworth, WA (Plan B) but after letting the coffee brew along with our thoughts we decided to go a different direction and headed to Mt. Hood.  Gene's younger daughter and family would be there camping so we decided to head that way and if we had time, we'd stop by and say hello.

That's how we roll. 

Wynter, Cathy & Jeremy
We left the house without eating breakfast. A box of Triscuits and Wheat Thins got us to The Dalles so we could enjoy lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant. I tried the house curry today and it was delish. They put peanut butter in their sauce. It was like having lunch and dessert at the same time.

Mt. Hood (Oregon)

We arrived at Mt. Hood and were lucky to find the kids had just returned from a 2-mile hike to have lunch before they headed to the lake. We were prepared to leave them a note on their windshield "We were here".  Instead, we got to walk with them down to the quiet lake where no motorized boats are allowed, and watch them launch their 3-man raft. We visited a little and headed down the road. It was fun to surprise them with a quick visit.

From there, we headed to a state park where there is a waterfall literally in the middle of some very dry country. We visited this waterfall last year and it's among my favorite spots. I didn't get a great pic of it because the sun was glaring down on us.

Wind mills in Washington state generate power!
On the trip home, I stopped and shot a pano of the windmills, which Gene raves about everytime he sees them. It's hard to get a good shot with my little point & shoot but you might be able to click on this pic and get a bigger version of it on your screen.

All in all, it turned out to be another stellar day that resulted from making plans and changing them promptly. 

Do you ever change your plans? 

love, susan

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