Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's Groove Tonight

We boogied on down last night at the Earth Wind and Fire concert out at Maryhill Winery's amphitheater. What a concert!   
We hopped on a nice air conditioned bus for a 2-hour ride to Goldendale. We had never been to the amphitheater before and when we walked past the ticket line and over onto the grounds, the venue was breathtaking. I was glad we had general admission as we were able to bring lawn chairs and a cooler. We found a nice spot next to super nice people and enjoyed a bagel sandwich with strawberries and grapes washed down with tonic water before the show. I noted that many of the other concert goers were way more elaborate in their picnic munchies. The people to the right of us were chowing down on shrimp cocktails with cheese & crackers. The folks to the left had a beautiful cole-slaw accompanied with nice chunks of cantelope and get this .... they ate theirs on real plates with real utensils. Wine people. I'd call them pretentious but really it's all about the experience and secretly I was envious that I hadn't given my picnic lunch just a little more thought.  Next time.

We sat for about an hour and 15 minutes before the concert and just watched people. I've never been to a concert at a winery before. It's a very different crowd. Lots of beautiful women in pretty summer dresses and sandals. Men in khaki shorts and nice polo shirts. There was obviously a large number of peeps from the Portland area. You can just pick them out. Tres chic. I loved it.

The band came out shortly after their scheduled time and simply started playing that music we all know and love. They played non-stop for 15 minutes short of two hours. The only time they stopped the music was to introduce the band. There are 3 original members at the front center stage and the rest are younger, upcoming musicians who rocked the river last night.

There are some bands who should just hang up their guitars and sit in rocking chairs but not this one. They played all their hits and when they played "September", everyone in the audience stood up and never sat down again.

It was truly a feel-good couple of hours. Gene and I never stopped smiling and it kind of restored my faith in humanity for awhile. This band had nothing but positive, uplifting music back in the day and after 41 years of touring, they still got it.

Go on, get your groove on!

love, susan

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  1. What a nite to remember...great bog so uplifting.


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