Sunday, July 22, 2012

193 More Miles Under My Leathers

It's a rare day when I see my guy run out of energy before I do but I'm afraid the heat got to him today.  Getting home after a fun-filled Saturday, we got a late start out the door at 10 this Sunday morn. We  were headed to Wenatchee but decided it best to turn back towards home at Moses Lake.  We stopped at various places along the way to get gas, eat some Mexican food from a taco wagon and hydrate. I was extra happy I brought two containers of frozen water and Powerade along. We needed it today. While we were sitting in the shade of this old, closed up building in Eltopia, a kid rode by on a dirt bike and waved at us. He circled back and stopped to chat.  He was breaking in the new Suzuki 125 his mom gave him for his birthday. He just got it today and was riding it back and forth on this long stretch of rode that surely has no traffic. We had a nice exchange of conversation with him. He just turned 14 and he knew alot about motorcycles. I loved the randomness of it.  Oddly enough, it was the highlight of our trip. 

Gene picked up the camera and shot me with it.
Another 3-day weekend here and almost gone. Sigh.  Hope you had your best weekend ever. And, if you didn't, it's something to try for next weekend!

love, susan


  1. I love that random people stop to talk to you guys. That never happens to us, but I think that might be because we give off a 'vibe' that says, "Don't talk to us if you are going to make my 'creep-dar' go off."

    Please, please, please stay hydrated. Super scary stuff comes with dehydration and this year has been a doozy so far with the heat. Love you both!

  2. what a great busy busy weekend. glad you had fun...

  3. You two are perfect :) I just love how you travel and enjoy life.. There are bunch of people who should learn from you two how to live your life to the fullest!


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