Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 2012 To-Do List

Dang, already 5 days into June! It always feels like I'm hanging onto the very tail-end of a runaway train in the summer.  I am inspired to write about ten things that are on my calendar for June:

Camping: We had camping on our May calendar but circumstances and weather made us postpone it twice. Hoping to squeeze it in somewhere in June.

Concert in the Park: Our little town does an 8-week series called Live @ 5 on Thursdays after work. I have been trying to catch up with a friend for a visit and we promised we'd sit together at the next concert. That's a two-for-one to-do!

Farmer's Market: I have Fridays off so I want to visit the Friday Farmer's Market in my little town. It's a little market with big heart, music and wonderful vendors.

Volleyball in the Park: A few dozen friends get together at 1:00pm on Sundays in Columbia Park to play volleyball for 3 hours. I don't play but love to sit and visit with everyone. The outdoors is my church!

Photography class: The photo club is offering another free class next weekend. I'm going and two good friends are joining me!

Friend's brunch: We're having friends over next Sunday to meet our new dog. They don't know it yet, but I'm gonna make a little brunch.  Fun times!

Day-trip motorcycle ride: I don't know where we're going yet but weather permitting we'll do a long day ride somewhere this month.

Dance in Wapato: There is an event in Wapato, which is near Yakima, that includes a dance. It's on my calendar! Should be big fun!

Sit a little in my lounge chair: I do love to sit in my back yard lounge chair and watch the grass grow sometimes and catch a few rays.

Plant another rose bush: I planted two rose bushes last year. One made it and is blooming now. Must replace the one that died.

What are you doing in June?

love, susan


  1. What am I doing in June? That's a good question! I opened up my calendar and realized if I don't get some fun stuff planned on there, it's going to continue being filled with "have-to's" and not enough "want to's". So far I only have three fun things scheduled...

    Being an "extra" for the movie "Christmas Oranges."

    A family gathering to celebrate two great-nephews graduating high school.

    Attending a live performance of "Sound of Music"

  2. We have so much going on in June!! I love summer and being so busy!

    Fairbanks puts on Gazebo Nights throughout the summer at Pioneer Park (Alaskaland). Each night at 7pm, someone performs. THursdays are belly dance, and I'm going out to support my belly sisters. (FREE!!)

    Also on Thursday nights, the Botanical Gardens is hosting "Music in the Garden" with various local music artists performing. (FREE!)

    Our summer folk festival is this weekend - 12 hours of non-stop music (FREE!!)

    Steve and I are driving to Deadhorse this month. A few of my gal pals are following us up the Haul road. Looking forward to doing the drive again. Mostly excited about them seeing it!

    Midnight Sun Baseball and Festival Festivities this month too. Sure do love 24 hours of daylight.

    July and August will be busy too. So nice after a long, cold winter.


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