Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hidden Talent

This oil painting was done by my co-worker's daughter last weekend. She has never painted before and decided to give it a try.  When my co-worker showed it to me, I had the same reaction as everyone else.  Wow, talk about some hidden talent!

Chrissy is in her early 20's and according to her mom, has never shown any interest in drawing or painting until recently when she and her mom started playing a game called "Draw Something" on their phones.  The app gives you a word and you draw it and then send it to the other person for them to guess what the word is.  Chrissy's mom has been showing us the awesome and creative drawings Chrissy sends her.

According to a recent article online, the company that made "Draw Something" just sold for $180 million dollars. Wouldn't you just love to be the person who came up with that idea?  Do you suppose that person had some hidden talent? I think so.

This all got me to thinking about hidden talents.  I am of the belief that every person has some kind of hidden talent. Mine is remembering names and numbers. I'm much better at names than digits. I have a technique I learned a long time ago and it has never rarely failed me. I suppose it's hardly a talent, maybe more of a gift.

Do you have a hidden talent?  What is it?

love, susan


  1. I can remember voices...always have. The hidden talent I'm still trying to find. You were always good at numbers, especially when we were working together. It always impressed me.

  2. I haves the same one you do...remembering names and birthdays of everyone! Just the other day i was writing June 18thand it sounded so familiar, and I realized it was Colleen Hannon's birthday. And I haven't lived around her in 36 years!

    1. I have that same premonition when I look at the calendar and just "know" there is something special about the date but it usually takes me all day to figure it out. This year, it was our anniversary! I had to laugh at myself!!


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