Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am without a card reader to move photos from my camera to the computer, so I'm feeling a bit awkward with no photo to write around. It got packed away with my house guest's computer on Sunday but should be arriving in the mail soon.  I have a photo from our adventure last week with our house guest that I'm anxious to post and write about.

On Sunday, we took a short drive out to McNary Park and walked around the fish transfer station. I had no idea what it was until Gene explained that the fish on the upper part of the dam have to go through this very cool pipe and they end up in a holding tank and are then  barged down the river to the ocean.  Or maybe it's the other way around? Are they going upstream?  Some days my blondeness cannot be denied. I probably should read all the placards they had everywhere but those things sometimes just bore me to tears. Does that happen to you?

While at the transfer station the coolest thing we saw was a bunch of huge (they are all huge in my eyes) spiders and webs. I shot some good close-ups of them. I haven't been very inspired to take photos lately but these arachnids (my friend Kathy will be so impressed with my word usage, I hope) were interesting colors. Gene found a dead bee on the ground so he offered it up to one of the spiders that was nearby and I watched it wrap the carcass into a cocoon.  Ick.  It was like a car wreck, I couldn't stop watching.

The weather is changing. What a relief from the 90's we've been having. 75 is going to be downright chilly by the end of the week, no doubt.
Not much else to write. Hope wherever you are that you get to do something fun today. 

love, susan


  1. I AM impressed Susan!! Kathy

  2. I agree...ICK...watching the spider with the bee. But what a cool thing to witness!


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