Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Back in the Day: Lukewarm Coffee

This week I had a fun interaction with my daughter-in-law that led me down a rabbit hole for a while. She and my son are new parents. It's been a long time since I was responsible for a tiny new life and things have changed so much in 35 years. One great invention that is often overlooked (I'm sure) is the thermal coffee cup. Back in the day, when I was a young mother, I had to learn to drink my coffee lukewarm. It never failed that I would sit down to enjoy my first cup and my son would have needs. Babies are so high maintenance. Back in the day, we didn't have insulated, metal coffee mugs. I sat here wondering why such a great idea took so long to develop. I'm always thinking that all a person needs to become a multi-millionaire is one great idea. Right? Whoever invented these was a genius and my personal hero.
There are so many other new great inventions. The kids made a wish list on Amazon and I chose to buy them a very high-tech electronic baby swing. It's the same one baby is accustomed to at the hospital and I want them to have anything that's going to make life easier. Of course, it has an app. They can program a whole bunch of stuff to customize it to exactly what baby loves, including music. Back in the day, we struggled to find the sweet spot in every situation. These new fandangle pieces of equipment take the guess work out. Back in the day, we had to get up out of our comfortable napping spot and wind the swing again if we were to have any peace at all. I'm not sure if new parents realize how much they are missing out on the click click click of those old wind up swings. I now wonder if the sudden ceasing of that now-not-so-soothing noise is what caused baby to wake up out of a dead sleep. Why? Why? Why did it take so long for technology?
I'm excited to go visit before the new year not only to see my new grandbaby but to check out how millennials are doing parenting these days. I can hardly wait! But in the meantime, I'll be thinking about all the great things we have nowadays that make life a little easier for parents. 
love, susan

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