Monday, February 26, 2018

I Did Not Love You, February: A Life List

The Numbers This Week It is March this week and the numbers should be going up soon. They are better than last week at 48, 48, 51, 51, 47. The wind this weekend has flared up my allergies but I refuse to be a slave to them. A big thanks to my essential oil hookup. The little vial she gave me this time last year still works like magic.
My Favorite Moment from Last Week It was a hard week and I barely remember it but one thing that I will never forget is sitting in court on Friday, listening to the husband of a woman who was senselessly murdered a year and a half ago talk about how it has affected his life. They had been married for 30 years. Frankly, I don't know how he was able to sit in the same room as the woman who murdered the love of his life. There are some things in this life I will never be able to wrap my mind around and one of them is the cold bloodedness of some souls. There was a detective sitting directly in front of me who was reduced to tears as the victim's husband spoke. Sitting there reminded me of our life's work and the dedication of the team I am privileged to work with very day. I don't want to call it pride, that seems self-indulgent. More so, when I hear victims talking I feel a sense of duty to do show up and do my best for my small part in the process of justice. The murderess will spend all her remaining days behind bars. My favorite moment was when the judge said he didn't have any discretion in the sentence and that frankly he wouldn't grant it even if he had it. Justice served.
What's Right in the (My) World The hubby is actively looking online at properties in Arizona. Don't get your water hot about it though. We've been through this process before, it could take a long time to find the right place. And, we could change our minds. Been there, done that. That's the beauty of thinking things through.
What I'm Resisting For those who don't know, resist is my word for 2018. What I'm resisting currently is .... hmmm ... I don't know. I'll have to think on that. Complacency maybe?
What's On My Camera I did some head shots on Saturday for a friend's son who is a young teen wanting to maybe get into the modeling business. I'm not a professional photographer and they know that but they trusted me to do my best. That was fun!
What My Future Holds Tonight we're having dinner with a very good friend who lives in Portland. She travels over here about once a year and it's fun to catch up with her. Tacos tomorrow night with T.  Work, eat, sleep, repeat.
If This is My Last Day, Here is My Final Thought  I think people should do more reunions instead of getting together at funerals. I hate funerals so much. We're planning a big gathering in July which will be held in Fairbanks. I am thrilled to pieces we planned it far enough out that people I've never met before will be there. My birthday is in May and I always hold a bbq in the park for it. I would much rather see people on a happy day than a sad one. That's all.
love, susan

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Past the Halfway Mark: A February Life List

Looking Out My Window It's dark and cold. The numbers this week are discouraging at 39, 39, 42, 32, and 48. I know spring is right around the corner. Winter tends to take me right to the edge of the abyss but I'm hanging in.
My Favorite Moments Last Week There are too many to recount but what comes to mind is standing on the walking trail with the hubs while his daughter snapped a photo. He is happiest when he is in the trees and it shows on his face in the photo. Personally, I hate the dampness of Portland and I'm always cold when we visit in the winter time. We saw our grandson play basketball and his sister perform with her dance team at half time.
What's Right in the World We crammed a lot of visiting in last weekend and what's right in my world is we didn't watch one minute of news. I feel like if we continue to focus on the negatives we won't see all the good stuff. And, there is way more good stuff than not. Fact.
What I'm Resisting Since I came off my month long FB deactivation, I've pretty much kept my phone logged off. I do go on first thing in the morning and take a peek at FB world but not finding much to hold my interest. I do love this new (previously owned) phone I bought for its great camera. I've become an Instagram junkie.
What I'm Thinking I do not want to go to work today. I have enjoyed 4 days off and packed a lot of fun things into it and the thought of going back to work today is just not giving me the warm fuzzies. I will have to work on my attitude before I get there. It's always hard after a holiday weekend. We did hire a new person to replace me and she'll start on March 5. I'm happy we found a good fit.
"You're not the boss of me!"
(He eventually went into
a down position. Patience is key.)
What's On My Camera I took some dog pics yesterday when we got back from Portland. I have taken this dog's photos before (for fun) but now he is going into the rescue program to find a home that is a better fit for him. He's a lot of dog and needs to be with someone who can manage him. I really enjoyed the session as my good friend, T, came with me. It's always nice to have an extra person (besides the releasing owner) to handle the dog so I can try to get a decent picture. T is a dog lover like me so that made it extra fun.
What the Future Holds My stepdaughter is booking a beach house for a weekend in April. We've discovered that is the way to go when there are a few people in a party going to the beach. I love having something to look forward to. I'll be house/dog sitting for a friend the weekend after that. I always enjoy doing that ... it is some alone time that I don't get very often but I appreciate it when I do. Spring flowers are coming. And, only 15 months of Mondays until retirement.
If This Is My Last Day, Here is My Final Thought I really hope things in the world get better and not worse. I refuse to be part of the problem. There is more good in the world than not. Be kind to everyone you meet, no matter what.
love, susan

Monday, February 12, 2018

Love Will Find a Way: A February Life List


Weather Here This Week The temps are down a bit as we have an arctic blast coming through. Numbers this week are 42, 47, 51, 45, and 53, which doesn't seem awful but the wind has put a bite in it. It makes my case for moving to Arizona. That's all.
My Favorite Moment(s) From Last Week It may have been when the clock turned 5:00pm on Friday. Easing into my new job while still doing the old job. It really sucked my energy last week. My second favorite moment was yesterday when I met up with my friend to watch her hand off her foster dog to a nice couple. She hadn't seen her foster dog in 3 weeks (long story) and when he saw her, that dog melted into her. There's no love like that of a canine. Long story short, he is ready to move on to a permanent placement and I was so happy to be witness to the event. Training dogs makes them more adoptable and my friend did a fantastic job with him.

Cece and Addison

What's Right in the World
  • So far, the plumbing job my electrician hubby did is holding. He gets extra points for this!
  • There are technically only 2 more weeks of potential winter.
  • The tulips are comin' up.
What I'm Resisting I am resisting the urge to future trip. There are all kinds of things in the works and my old self likes to skip ahead. Retirement is surely on my mind a lot these days but I have a lot to do between now and then. Resisting thinking too much about Arizona. It won't be a done deal until we buy a place so that whole idea could go away in an instance. I'm excited about the position I am going into and the new things I'm learning. Hang on or let go ... those are my choices today. Sometimes it's hard to know which way to go.
What's On My Camera Attended a birthday party for a really special one year old on Saturday. Gave hubby a haircut. Evidence of spring. And, dogs.
"Andy" a new rescue
Jack Russell/Blue Heeler
Spring is kicking winter to the curb
What the Future Holds I'm taking some puppy pics on my lunch hour this week. We're heading to the west side on Friday afternoon for a long weekend. Hubby is celebrating 30 years of sobriety with great friends over there. Love me a road trip!
Hubby got a haircut Saturday
If This Is My Last Day on Earth, Here is My Final Thought Last night on our way into town, a song came on the radio called Love Will Find a Way by Pablo Cruise. It was released 40 years ago. My best friend, Lisa, loved that song. I am grateful that part of my brain still works. I zoomed back to that time and place like it was yesterday. I'm 40 years older but I'm still that 18 year old sometimes. My final thought is that it has been a great life! I hope today is not my last one. I want this life.
love, susan

Monday, February 5, 2018

Get Your Pit On: A February Life List

Weather This Week Holy cow, the numbers are: 60, 55, 58, 63 and 52.  I hate to say it out loud but I think we've dodged winter this year. Geez luweeeze.
My Favorite Moment from Last Week I was out at a dog boarding kennel, standing with a young girl about age 13 while waiting for a woman to take her dog out of the car to meet and greet another dog (Corgi/Pit mix) she was potentially going to foster. I was there to photograph the foster dog. She kindly told us to put our dog treats away and that we might want to stand back because she didn't know how the meet was going to go down. The experienced 13 year old grabbed my arm and said, "we should stand waaaaaay back". She was right! The dogs got into a little scrap. I turned away ... I cannot stomach dog fights at all. They broke it up quickly and no blood was shed.
What's Right in the World It's now light when I leave work at 5. I have survived another dark winter. One more and I'm out of here. Serious about that.

Seriously. Does this look like a pit bull? Corgi, yes.
What I'm Resisting Negativity.

They tell me the tell-tale sign of
a pitbull is the smile. But look at
those beautiful teeth!
What I'm Thinking I have a doctor's appointment this week. I've been having some trouble with my hip aching at night. I want to be in denial about this whole aging thing. Old people have hip problems. I am not old. 
What's On My Camera I had two dog shoots last week. Thank goodness for that because this time of year can be really boring as far as pictures go. Or ... maybe ... I'm boring.
What the Future Holds I started my new position Friday afternoon. I'll be easing my way into it as we still have a couple of interviews to replace my current position. My new job is going to require a lot of reading. I think I'm going to learn a lot of new things while reviewing documents for public records release. Some of those things will be gory. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't shy away from gore. I look it straight in the face and do a lot of wondering about humanity.

Not much color this time of year
but glad there is no snow.
If This Was My Last Day on Earth, Here is My Final Thought Son, I enjoyed talking with you on the phone last night. The fact that you were making chicken soup for your lunch and my sweet daughter-in-law's lunch this week really warmed my heart. That you add noodles to hers was the sweetest thing I heard all week.
love, susan

Friday, February 2, 2018

Cave-Man Moves

You never know what it is that's going to put the hook in you.
I had coffee with a couple of friends this week and one of them said, "aren't you glad you're not single?"  Yeah, I'm glad about that. I see friends and family struggling with this whole modern dating scene and I simply don't understand it all.
One of the frequent comments I hear from serial daters is 'there was just no connection'. Whatever that means (rolling my eyes here). I'm left wondering how people can "make a connection" when they've only spent 60 minutes over a cup of coffee, or a burger, or drinks. Seems like an expectation that is doomed to fail every single time. But, that's just me. I was never a dater. I'm pretty sure I'd suck at it.
Last night, my hubby made a trip to the store in the cold, pouring rain to fetch some half & half for me. I had used the last of it and I knew I'd be unhappy if I didn't have it for this morning's cup. I am pretty low maintenance in the happy department. He was rewarded with a full body hug and kisses on his neck for bringing back the kill. Think caveman.
I woke up this morning and while pouring the creamer in my cup I was thinking back to the very moment this man put the lasting hook in me. Very early (maybe day 3) in our relationship we took off from his home in Longview, Washington on a camping trip that lasted what seemed like two weeks. If you want to get to know someone really well, I highly recommend a road trip complete with camping gear. We traveled to eastern Oregon and Washington in September. Beautiful trip.
One morning, we woke up in either Lewiston, Idaho or Clarkston, Washington. They are on the border and I can never remember which one it was. Doesn't matter. We woke up. In a cheap motel. After a beautiful night. This is a PG rated blog so you can let your imagination run wild here but I never kiss and tell, okay? He got dressed and walked across the street to the gas station and returned with a steaming-hot cup of coffee with cream and sugar. It was the kindest thing anyone had done for me in a very long time. I cried. He had no idea what he had just done.
You see. It's the thoughtful things people do for us that matter. It isn't the way they look, or the shape of their teeth, or the color of their eyes. It's those kind gestures. More than just opening a door or paying for dinner. It is knowing those little things about us that stick and stay.  How can you know those things in 60 minutes?
So, I say to all you daters out there ... give love a chance. At least give it a second chance. You may be overlooking the very thing you are seeking if you don't give more to it than a few minutes and a glance.
It's February and besides all the summer months, this is my favorite month. I love everything hearts and Valentine cards and all the mushy things that go along with it. I love love. I am not a hopeless romantic but I love seeing my friends at work receive flowers from their loved ones. But that half & half was better than any card he could ever give me and he knows it.
When and how did they put the hook in you? Do you ever give them a second look? Are you a serial dater?  Tell me!
love, susan

You Made My Day, Dude!

A couple weeks ago while I was driving back to Portland after spending the night on the Oregon coast, we came up on some road construction ...