Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When Does Childhood End?

Thanks to Jacob Norby for the great writing prompt this morning. I'm back in Creative Unboot Camp 2016 and already feeling giddy about picking up my pen. The prompt was to write about something I absolutely loved to do as a child. As I was writing and thinking, I couldn't come up with just one absolute love from childhood. Then, I wondered ... when does childhood end? I had to fight back tears. If I live to be 90, I'm just a teenager right now. Welcome to my world!
When I was a younger child, the first thing on my list of "loves" that came to mind was snowmachine racing. I grew up in Haines, Alaska back in the late 70's. We had a couple of machines that dad was always working on, trying to make them run faster. My sister and I both raced several weekends during the winter months. I loved everything about it but mostly I loved Jay Linhart. Jesus, he was so cute. He was a racer too, and despite the fact there were girls much prettier than me around town, and that he always had a girlfriend, I hoped I would catch his eye at the track. That never happened but I had fun trying. The sound of the machines, smell of exhaust, fresh snow, hot chili, and those wonderful, tacky trophies for first place were a close second to Jay. Oh, he kissed me once. What a tease. I could die happy.
Fishing with my dad, working at the movie theater, drinking around a fire at 11 Mile, dancing, making out with Bruce Spencer, working at the hotel with Lisa, sleeping until 3pm in the summers, hanging out in my bedroom daydreaming about my life, writing letters to pen pals, eating French fries smothered in gravy, playing air hockey on Saturday nights at the teen pool hall.
I still love to dance and all the other things on this list. I don't want it to end ....
love, susan

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