Tuesday, August 9, 2016

9 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Today

Having just come back from the coast, I could name about a thousand things I'd rather be doing today. But in all honesty, on any given day, I'm often thinking about what I'd rather be doing than the task at hand. I've always suffered (if that's the right word) a low level of restlessness and discontent even when I'm doing the things I love.
Ever since I got home from the beach on Sunday night, I've been thinking about the cousin I reconnected with over the weekend. She is a little bit older than me and we spent a small amount of time together when we were very young. I spent most of Saturday parked in my chair next to her, learning about her life and what she does to stay busy these days. Although I think what people do to make a living can be interesting, I find myself wanting to know about the here and now. What do you do now that makes you want to rise up and get dressed in the morning? I asked those questions and was fascinated by her answers.
The things that make me want to get up in the morning are simple. Things I'd rather do today are ...
Walk my dogs a little farther. Work in the dirt. Write a letter. Make a journal entry. Take a photo. Read a whole book in one sitting. Cook a fabulous lunch for my hubby. Pull some weeds. Visit the library. Call a friend. The list could go on.
I do all these things but it seems there is limited time. The most frustrating part of living, for me, is having all these things I'd like to do and so little time. Now, it's time to close this entry and go to work.
What would you rather be doing today?
love, susan

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