Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Got Hormones?

Today I caught up with a high school buddy via an old fashioned phone call. I can’t remember the last time we spoke but it has been at least a couple of months. I was recalling an incident recently where I was sitting in my favorite little dive  Mexican restaurant. I’ll be damned if I can remember who I was with but I am certain it was an old lady just like me. But what I will never forget is that one of the most handsome men I’ve ever set eyes upon in my entire time on this earth walked through that restaurant door and I was mesmerized. He might have been all of age 28 and he looked like a movie star. For one glorious moment, I forgot I am 62 years old. I was a little embarrassed to tell her about it but it sure made for some great conversation and much needed laughter.

She and I agreed we assumed when we got older, we’d think older. My “hot guy sighting” illustrates this is simply not true. Now, please know I don’t go around looking for hot guys to stare at in a lecherous manner. I’m a grandmother for crying out loud. But I’m not dead yet and apparently my mind has a long way to go to catch up with the ridiculous age my papers say I am.

After today, I’ll never look at old people the same.

P.S. Don’t worry. It’ll happen to you some day.

Friday, December 10, 2021

You’re Still Here?


Days away from another year gone by. Geeeezus.

I remember when my mind was racing with ideas to write about and today I am lucky if I can hold a thought long enough to follow through. As recently as thirty minutes ago I thought a steaming hot cup of fresh coffee with half & half sounded good but I never followed through on it. 

It dawned on me yesterday that a new year is approaching fast. I don’t think I even chose a theme word last year. If I had, it would have been survive.  We were glad to have 2020 behind us but still holding our collective breath, hoping for a better year. It has been better and it has been worse

My patience has been tested about every other moment this year. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I just pray for bedtime to arrive so I can pull the covers up over my head, sleep, and try it again tomorrow. 

This next year, I plan to pause a lot. 

If you’re still here, reading my words, I hope things have been better in your world. We have a choice about how we see things. I don’t care how bad it gets, I’m still looking for the rainbow.

Pause. Breath. Do the next right thing. Love. Believe.

After all, we are here to walk each other home. 

Love, susan

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Boomer Here, Checking In


Hi all. I’m coming to you from Denver. We’re here for a bit visiting the sweetest baby boy ever. We arrived 10 days ago and have been out every day doing this and that. Two days after we arrived, we were informed we had been exposed to covid a few days prior so I had to find a place to get a rapid test. I couldn’t believe it when I found a clinic across town that performed the negative test on a Sunday. (I think it’s important to add that we are vaccinated and my friend who tested positive was also fully vaccinated.)

I’ve been getting around Denver easily with the help of Google maps. I’m not really much of a city girl but I could be. Denver boasts a 2021 population of 2,862,000 people. It’s a big city but I’ve found it to be super friendly and so easy to get around. Some of the roads are pretty rough but I was reminded by my daughter-in-law that they are nothing compared to Michigan (specifically Lansing) roads.

Driving in the mile high city has been a great learning opportunity for me. My use of Google maps has been limited until about 10 days ago. The best thing I’ve learned is that 1,000 feet is a lot further than I think it to be. I’m learning to trust that lady voice that guides me wherever I want to go in this lovely place. My kids live about 20 minutes away and Google lady has taken us there via a couple of routes. Love that.

I’ve been feeling proud of myself for getting past my fear of driving in city situations. I pretty much just set that fear aside and let technology do its thing. I will probably be doing some trips to Phoenix and San Diego this year and my new found experience will no doubt come in handy. 

Hope all is well in your world. Til next time … love, boomer

Friday, May 21, 2021

Two Years Into Semi-Retirement: Best Advice Ever


This week marks two years since my last day of work. Full disclosure: I tried to go back to work last September but 6 weeks in I realized I could not manage working along with my home life. I came home and decided to embrace my place in life right now, which is caring for my husband, home, and one demanding dog. I quit searching the help wanted ads and started making this “retirement” my new job. That shift in thinking has made a big difference. I’m not feeling anxious and useless today. The days are going by faster than they did the first year of retirement. It’s true what they say ... it’s hard to know how I had time for anything else when I was working for a paycheck. I believe I was expert at squeezing this much <——————-——> into <—-> this much time. Time management is still important to me and I find using both my digital and paper calendar is effective. A friend who retired before me advised to never schedule more than one appointment a day. BEST ADVICE EVER. I still get up at 5am and have a habit stack that keeps me feeling encouraged and good about myself. I am still volunteering with a local non-profit that provides transportation for seniors to their doctor appointments. I truly love doing that. Lately, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on cooking and cleaning. I haven’t read as much as I thought I would in retirement but I’m not giving up the idea that I’ll just sit and read a book cover to cover some day soon.

Embracing this life. 

Love, susan

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Coffee for 14 Cents: Who Knew?


I’m still down that rabbit hole I wrote about last week ... the cost of groceries. Today I found a couple of good deals at the store. These peppers were on the sale shelf for .99 cents. That makes them a quarter each! The non-sale ones are $1.50 each. I typically eat a whole pepper every day at lunch time, so you can imagine how giddy I was to find these cast offs. The jalapeƱo peppers were also on the sale shelf for .99 cents. Not sure I’ll be able to use them all but I couldn’t leave them there. 

I’ve been doing a little calculating on some main food items. I’ve always been curious how much a cup of coffee costs when I make it at home. Turns out it is about .14 cents a cup. I have been using Dunkin Donuts specialty brand off the shelf and it’s my current favorite. We do drink a lot of coffee at our house but sometimes I find myself dumping out a cup or two if it has sat too long in the pot. I’ve been feeling guilty about that so I decided to start making iced coffees again since the weather is heating up. The hubs loves my iced coffees, and where else can you find one for .14 cents? I have quite a few dollars sitting in my Starbucks account but I’m saving that for when we travel.

The one item I always have in my basket that feels like a total luxury item is a container of cut up pineapple. It’s always $5 for the container and I can get 4 servings from it. If I had to cut anything from my grocery basket, this would be the first to go.

Today I made the same old, same old breakfast for the hubs for $2.76. Here is the breakdown:
Eggs .32
Sausage .40
Pineapple 1.25
Tangelo .33
Potatoes . 32
Coffee .14
TOTAL:   $2.76

Susan’s breakfast:
Brown rice .09
Black beans .35 
Salsa .17
Apple .59
Coffee (2). .28
TOTAL:  $1.48

I love, love, LOVE beans and rice for breakfast. I should be eating oatmeal, in my quest to lower my cholesterol, but I take a break from it with B&R. I learned to love brown rice years ago and it sustains me all the way to lunch. I rarely get tired of it but when I do, I just go back to oatmeal and eggs. Both easy on the food budget.

I’m pretty sure this curiosity about the single cost of everything will pass soon. My friend Kristy is coming back from a 3 month stay in Hawaii and we’ll be eating whatever she decides to cook. The sky is the limit! It’s better than eating out ... she’s a fabulous cook. In the meantime, I’ve been using my Ninja air fryer. I have it sitting outside and it’s great for cooking food that would normally heat up the house. I make enough potatoes to have leftovers later. Iced coffee will be ready this afternoon.

Did you know it was that cheap to drink coffee at home?
What is one thing you put in your grocery basket that you feel is a luxury item?

Love, susan

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day: Vow to Change


I have a friend who once told me if we all did just one thing that is earth friendly, we could change the trajectory of climate change. I think about that all the time. I try to be a good recycler but I could do better. I’ve recently been feeding my dog canned dog food. I absolutely hate washing out the cans to recycle, so I don’t. Can I tell you how guilty I feel about that? I do. Feel guilty. Now that I have said that out loud, I’m vowing to change that. 

My “one thing” is I try not to drink bottled water. We live in the desert and have to drink copious amounts of water to survive the heat. We have a reverse osmosis installed at our kitchen sink and I run that water into a Brita filter and keep 2 gallons of water going at all times. There is no reason I should need to drink bottled water ever. I have plenty of water containers of every size to carry with me when I go out. I do sometimes forget to grab water on my way out the door, especially in the winter time. Now that it is heating up, I need to develop a habit of preparing water bottles that are easy to place on the counter when I know I’m going to leave the house. 

I also try to think about things I buy to bring into my home. I’m a big thrift shopper and love the idea of reusing items that others have donated. This week I scored two really nice muffin pans at my favorite thrift store. I had been eyeing them and everything was 75% off so they came home with me along with several new-to-me summer tops. My thought is ... why buy new when I can find practically new at the thrift store? When I need a household item, I put it on my mental list and look for it at the thrift shop before I buy new. Having said that, I did buy a new frying pan this year that completely blew my budget but there are some things that just cannot be found used. 

Summing this up ... going forward I shall:

  • Drink water from the tap
  • Wash out those dog food containers to recycle
  • Continue to buy used items when possible
Do you have ‘one thing’ you do to be kind to the earth? Tell me.

Love, susan

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Going Down Rabbit Holes

Last week I went deep down a giant rabbit hole on YouTube. I feel very behind the times in getting on the YouTube bandwagon but holy moly ... there are so many things to listen to, how does one narrow it down? I have been trying to conjure new topics to look at on YT but honestly I have stuck to just a couple that I am 100% obsessed with. Does that happen to you?

Recently, I started watching a YouTube channel of a woman I have followed by email for many years. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Flylady.
 She is the queen of the 27 Fling Boogie and Swish & Swipe. I don’t know what it is about her, but I could simply listen to her talk all day. She’s like an encouraging mom who has taught me how to pick up my house in a way that is good enough and doesn’t take me hours to do. WHO KNEW SHE HAD A YOUTUBE? Ohmylanta, I have years of her to catch up on. **sigh**

The Minimal Mom. She has the most genuinely happy disposition and I love listening to her talk about keeping her house under control with 4 kids, a husband, 2 dogs, foster kids, work, etc. Her identical twin sister (she is a pastor) joins her on Sundays for talks. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a religious person but these gals could make me turn the corner on that. They are a delight to listen to. 

The Ramsey Show. In general, I think Dave Ramsey has truly helped thousands of people find their way out of debt. I’m not always a fan of everything he says or the way he says it but I am open minded enough to take what I want and leave the rest. 

Pepper Princess is one I stumbled on that makes me giggle at times. She is someone living on an extreme budget and she shares her ideas with the world in her postings. Her recent post about making the world’s best burrito was simple and endearing. 

The real topic today
Okay, now that I traveled down the rabbit hole of telling you of how I’ve wasted my time recently, the REAL subject of this post is ... drum roll please .... grocery budgeting.

Yes. I am back to wondering exactly how much I spend on groceries every month. I have it in my mind that we spend $300 but in truth it is closer to $400. I started keeping exact track in March, and April has been most revealing. This caused me to go deeper down the hole, wanting to know just how much my meals are costing to prepare. Are you ready for this?  Some are pennies on a dollar. Breakfast is practically free!

I’m going to track my spending for next week’s meals. I started today calculating our breakfast. Hubs and I usually eat different breakfast and lunch meals. His was $1.22 and mine was .73 cents, partly due to the free 18-pack of farm fresh eggs someone gifted me. Do you love food gifts as much as I do? ❤️ 

What led me to this current insanity 
I went to the store to pick up something to make for dessert to take to my cousin’s house for dinner. $57 later I came home with obviously more than one choice for dessert. That’s how it is with me most of the time. What could have been a $4 cake & frosting mix turned into a long list of stuff I didn’t really need. I’m a nut case. In this case, I would have been ahead to buy a prepared dessert.

I’ll get back to you on what I discover about next week’s meal costs. In the meantime, ponder that each of the bananas pictured above is .23 cents each. The mangos, on the other hand, are $1 each. I’m all about value but girl, do I love Mangos. I hope they are as good as they look. Nothing makes me sadder than throwing out food that has gone bad or was never good to begin with (note to self: avocados)

Do you go down rabbit holes? 
Do you have some favorite YouTube channels? 
What should I watch next? 
Do you budget your groceries?  

Tell me!

Love, Susan

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Just One Thing


I’ve had a million thoughts running through my mind this week. On a phone call with an old friend yesterday, we shared a conversation about one facet of growing older ... trying to hold a thought. I want to think our current events this last year have contributed to my inability to keep my focus. But, I’m willing to concede that some of it is simple aging. I’ve always had a mind that races but it seems that my thoughts and ideas barely hit the surface and scatter before I have time to either write it down, or commit it to memory. This really frustrates me. I do write notes for myself but often my ideas come when I’m walking the dog, or in the shower.

My idea for this post came while I was reading an email from a favorite writer/blogger Gretchen Rubin. She and other bloggers have little niche things they post .. hers is 5 Things That Make Me Happy. As I read her recent email and I thought ... I’m just looking for ONE THING ... let alone five. And, then I got to thinking ... lots of things make me happy and they can be the smallest things. 

JUST ONE THING .... this week

  • I transported a talkative woman to her appointment at the Cancer Center this week. Not only was she super interesting to listen to, I learned how one gets cancer in their eyelid. She described the awful surgery that removed it from her lower lid and the hole it left that had to be patched. From here on out, I’m going to take better care to stay out of the sun without sunscreen and always wear my sunglasses.
  • The yellow cactus bloom I caught out of the corner of my eye this week. It only blooms a day or two and then it’s gone. I’m happy I saw it. Photo below.
  • Random texts with photos of my youngest grandson. My daughter-in-law can’t begin to know how happy this makes me. Back in the day, we would have had to wait for a special occasion to receive photos of babies. Technology rocks! (I can’t believe I’m saying that)
  • This week I hand-wrote (copied) approximately 100 journal prompts from images I saw on Pinterest. The act of putting my pen to paper and not having to think about what to write was satisfying. I may never write anything from those prompts but it felt good to just use a little ink.
  • Today I took a close up look at the flowers blooming in my yard. I think these ocotillo blooms look like candy corn. I don’t remember them ever blooming at eye level. What a treat!

I’m always good about telling my friends to find the joy and then I forget to do it myself. This coming week, I’m going to try to pay a little more attention to my thoughts, and find a way to get a few more of them down on paper instead of letting them pass by. I’ll try.

What’s your ONE THING this week?

Love, Susan

Friday, April 2, 2021

Brain Dump


Hello there. It’s me. Here it is April and this will be my first post for 2021 ... if I even post it. You should see how many posts I have started and never finished. 

To say I’ve been in a slump would be an understatement. Slump. Strange word. I’m not even sure if that describes my status. I’ve been busy enough. I’m not laying around doing nothing. It’s just that not a lot of things have sparked joy lately. But, I’m not unhappy either. My definition of slump is that in-between joy and boredom place. Ho hum. Whatever. Ya know? 

This week I had the thought that I would like to go just one whole day without talking about covid. I tried that yesterday but then I was complaining to my friends on Marco Polo (cool video app) about “it” and had to laugh at myself. I laughed hard! I can’t even make it 5 minutes after my vow to not talk about it. Covid, covid, covid. 

I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversary since I quit working. I tried to go back to work last September but only lasted 6 weeks. Turns out my home life needed a whole lot more attention than I wanted to admit. If there is one thing I know about myself, I’m not a quitter. It was hard to admit that I couldn’t do it all. When I came home after that last “last day”, I made a promise to myself that I would stop looking at the help wanted ads. I would stop wishing I was somewhere else. I would make my home life my “job”. 

I’ve been journaling a lot the last couple of months. At the end of every entry I have been writing these words ... JOURNAL * READ * DO DISHES * MAKE BED * WALK THE DOG. I recently added DRINK WATER. All of these are actions I resist on a daily basis even though I enjoy either the action or the results. As I sit here writing this entry, I think I’ll add BLOG to my habit stack. I’ll try. There, I said it. 

Gotta go for now. I have an 8am appointment for my car and I haven’t done any of the actions in my habit stack. 

Love, susan

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 ... A Year of Embrace


Photo credit: Amanda Smith
(My grandson making his way to what he wants)
Every December I choose a watchword for the new year and review my previous year’s word choice. Last year, my word was embrace. It was a perfect word for what was to become a measured period of time. 2020 will be easy to remember in years to come. Did I embrace it? Mostly, yes. Even the pandemic. But truthfully, I’ve come to despise all things Covid. 

2020: What I Embraced

Trips to Denver. Friendships. Helping on local campaign for sheriff. Slowing down. Zoom. FaceTime. Chair time. Walks with my dog. Podcasts. Netflix. Hulu. Sunshine. Good food. Phone calls.

2020: What I Let Go

My friend, Linda, died in April. My border collie, Abbie, died. Facebook. Old ideas.

. . .

My watchword for 2021 is ASK.

Do you have a watchword for 2021? Tell me.

Love, susan

Monday, December 21, 2020

Winter Solstice 2020 thoughts .... I survived

Honest to Pete, I feel like I can hardly hold a thought in my head these days. So, I went out to the internet to snag some writing prompts for this post. Why not? Here they are .... 

The overall theme of the past year was a bit of gloom and doom. Everything was looking good until March arrived with the pandemic. My watchword for 2020 was “adjust”, and adjust I did. It seemed like I had to change my attitude on a daily basis. I did this by limiting my time watching the news and making the best of being stuck at home. Overall though? I’d choose the word survived as the theme.

Some of the most profound moments of 2020 involved time with my newest grandson in person and on Facetime. Spending time with friends. Just everything. It all seems profound.

What did you prove to yourself that you are capable of? I have not shied away from making decisions this year. Sometimes I have to sleep on them a couple of nights but then I have been able to get into action. Decision paralysis just might be in remission now.

What did you learn about what you need to take care of yourself?  This may sound petty but dude, I gotta get pedicures way more often than I have been. My feet get so dry they crack, and then I feel it every time I walk. Oh, does this question want me to go deep? Okay. Naps. I need naps and I take them. 

What did 2020 show you that you don’t want? I don’t want to keep running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This whole retirement gig has been harder than I thought it would be but I’m getting there. I definitely don’t want to spend countless hours scrolling FB, so I deactivated it after the elections. I don’t think I’ll go back for quite awhile, if ever. I hate to say never but it could happen. I don’t like the way I feel when I spend my precious life scrolling, judging, and having internal conversations about what other people are doing. Screw that.

What new parts of yourself did you uncover? What did these parts or part have to teach you? Hmm. I am not as patient as I would like to be. I started waking up in the morning and asking patience to enter my mind before I even let my feet hit the floor. When I’m my most patient self, love is mirrored back to me and I just feel better about the world. What’s the hurry, I ask myself constantly.

Where was ‘home’ in 2020? Home has been in this awesome leather chair that I moved into my dining room area. Living in a small house, I needed “my” space where I could read, write, and hit Zoom meetings comfortably. I used to think home was in the car, going on road trips, being with people but 2020 has crushed that. 

What thoughts or mantras supported you? Slow down. Do what you can. Only one appointment a day. Sleep on it. It can wait. Don’t procrastinate. Eat well. It’s okay to say no.

How did you support others? Phone calls, FaceTime, homemade hand-written cards. I’ve been volunteering at a local non-profit that transports elderly care clients to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and food bank. 

Prompts for looking forward to the year ahead...

Who is the person you are stepping into 2021 as? Confident caregiver Susan.   

What incredible experiences would blow your mind in 2021? This is a difficult prompt for me. I am not much of a future tripper or a dreamer. But, if I could just make one wish it would be that everyone be not just a little, but a lot kinder to each other. Let’s make America kinder in 2021, okay?

What do you know for sure about what you truly want for the upcoming year? What would make you feel like the year, when all is said and done, that it was a success? I want to remain healthy. If I get to the end of 2021 without any major illness or medical emergencies, I’ll breath a sigh of relief.

Okay. There’s my thoughts. What are you thinking about on this shortest day of 2020? Tell me.

Love, Susan

Got Hormones?

Today I caught up with a high school buddy via an old fashioned phone call. I can’t remember the last time we spoke but it has been at least...