Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Total Eclipse: Life List

Looking out the window, that eclipse was something. I didn't buy special glasses for it but friends at work offered to let me look through theirs. It was pretty cool. Even more so was the reaction from one young co-worker who was giddy when she first saw the eclipse. It seemed to bring a lot of joy to everyone in my office and I really dig that.

Review of last week I had photo shoots every night last week. I'm donating proceeds to the animal rescue group I shoot for. People have been super generous and they all seem to be very happy with the work I've done for them. It has been joyful for me but I am tired and will be glad for a little break in September.

Scary kitty.
Remi patiently waiting for a walk
I was hardly home last week except to grab a bite to eat, change my clothes, say hello to the hubby and dogs, and out the door. I never watched the news or saw one program. No big deal. I know stuff is going on. I'm enjoying the break from it.

Yesterday we took a trip to Boulder Cave near Naches, Washington. It was big fun.

River Park in Hermiston, Oregon
Vegetable Pho

Speaking of breaks, I'm getting excited about my annual trip with my high school buddies at the end of September. This year we are meeting up in Lincoln City, Oregon for 6 days. There is plenty to see in the area so I'm sure we'll use those days up quickly. Art galleries, glass blowing studios, aquarium, people watching, etc.

A peek into my week reveals 4 photos shoots are lined up. Everyone so far has shown up. I have one person on my calendar that might flake out. Tonight I have no shoots and I think I'll just rest.

Hope you have a fun week.  love, susan


Monday, August 14, 2017

August Fires: A Life List

Looking Out My Window It's 5:51 and the sun is barely up. This is the time of year this ex-Alaskan notices the darkness creeping in minute by minute every day. The smoke from this summer's fires was whisked away by the gentle winds yesterday which also blew in cooler weather. It's only going to be 83 today and then 87, 91, 89, 94.
Weekend Review I took Friday off and I packed a lot of fun into the last 3 days. This summer we've not traveled anywhere and I am enjoying sticking closer to home, although I'm not home much. I had lunch with a friend on Friday, two photo shoots back to back on Saturday evening, a photo shoot early yesterday morning, and volleyball and bbq in the park with lots of friends. Here it is Monday morning and time to get back to work.
What I'm Learning The hubby and I went out to dinner Saturday night to P.F. Changs as a friend had given me a gift card in exchange for a photo shoot I did for her. This is not a place I would normally go but I checked out the menu beforehand and found items I could fit into my eating plan. It was the first time I have ever ordered an entrĂ©e from the vegetarian section. Luckily, I had tried fried tofu a very long time ago when my son ordered it and let me try it. I have been eating "clean" since May 1 and I thought ordering the vegetarian dish would be okay but whatever they used in the spicy sauce definitely affected me. I woke up with super puffy eyes and bloat. An experiment I don't need to repeat. The dish was wonderful but I paid for it all day.
What I'm Creating I've been doing more video shoots for the dog rescue gig. I've not ever used the video on my phone before and I definitely have never done a YouTube video but I'm working on it now. Having fun with that!
What I'm Reading Not one single page this week.
What I'm Watching Hubby and I sat down and started watching Ozark on Netflix last night. Not sure I'm going to like it yet but will give it one more episode. It is shot in that kind of dark cinematography that I do not care for. If the series continues that way, it will be the reason I stop watching it.

What's On My Camera  Dogs.
A Quote I Want to Share Love trumps hate.  ~Susan Arthur
A Peek Into My Week Three photo shoots this week. Dogs. Work.
A Final Thought So many thoughts about what's going on in the United States. My job is to keep loving people and spreading joy. I refuse to be part of the problem.
love, susan

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Nod to Glen Campbell and All My Other Boyfriends and My Awesome Co-Worker

Image result for glen campbell and bobbie gentry little green apples album cover
I love my new co-worker. She is 25 years younger than me but she knows a lot about things that many people her age don't.  The other day we were talking about Glen Campbell dying.  I asked her if she had heard the song he wrote before the Alzheimer's got bad.  She had not so I sent her the lyrics. Here they are in case you are wondering. Grab a tissue first. Seriously. Go grab a tissue right now before you read this.

I'm Not Gonna Miss You
I'm still here, but yet I'm gone
I don't play guitar or sing my songs
They never defined who I am
The man that loves you 'til the end
You're the last person I will love
You're the last face I will recall
And best of all, I'm not gonna miss you
Not gonna miss you
I'm never gonna hold you like I did
Or say I love you to the kids
You're never gonna see it in my eyes
It's not gonna hurt me when you cry
I'm never gonna know what you go through
All the things I say or do
All the hurt and all the pain
One thing selfishly remains
I'm not gonna miss you
I'm not gonna miss you
For non-commercial use only.
Sorry. I know these lyrics hit you in the feels. I'm glad he wrote them. It it likely most of us will know someone or be someone with Alzheimer's. These words are comforting to me.
Okay, so I was telling my very cool co-worker that when I was a teenager, I had a major star crush on Glen Campbell and could imagine my life being married to him. He married Tanya Tucker instead. Whatup with that? She said Richard Gere was her major crush. MINE TOO! Which led me to ask her if she had ever seen American Gigolo. She hasn't but I made her promise she'd watch it. This led to a conversation about another star crush I had for a long time (but am way over it now) on Mickey Rourke. Before I tell her who I'm talking about, I describe him being a real looker in his day but nowadays he's looking worse than rough. She knew exactly who I was talking about.  She's actually seen 9 1/2 Weeks!  Girl went up 100 points on the coolness scale. Her exact words, "9 1/2 Weeks is the original 50 Shades".  Yes. Yes, it is.
I've got other star crushes. Don't even get me started on John Cusack. Or, Sean Penn. But for today, I'm fondly remembering my first real, imaginary love. I've forgotten a lot of things but can remember lying around in my bedroom at age 15, staring at a record cover of Glen Campbell and Bobbie Gentry, listening to them singing Little Green Apples. (heavy sigh)
love, susan

Monday, August 7, 2017

Burning Up August: A Life List

Looking Out My Window The smoke from the fires in Canada is almost gone now. We had very high temps last week and combined with smoke, it was miserable. This week looks to be no better with numbers like 103, 103, 105, 105, 102, 100 but at least the smoke is going away.
My Weekend Review I'm about to crash and burn from doing too many things in this heat. Saturday we attended two events and luckily I had time to take a cat nap in between. I usually can be on the go but the heat did me in. We attended a birthday party for a five year old and it was magical. They hired Moana to arrive and the little girls loved her. Last night we discovered we have a plumbing problem. It's a biggie. While I get to go to work today, the hubby will be dealing with that.
What I'm Learning I went out to the country yesterday and sat around a circle with women from age 18 to 70 something. I found out I'm not the only one who goes commando in the summer time. This was a huge relief to know. I also learned that they have these little plug in sonic super sound thingy mijiggers that are supposed to keep ants and rodents far away. Who knew? Love those women around that circle.
What I'm Creating Well, my volunteer people are asking me to do videos of the dogs now which has prompted me to figure out how record works on my camera. I'm not sure it is the best option for video but I'm gonna try it. I have a feeling that my phone will be a much better video maker. Love this gig of volunteering. It has pushed me to learn some new things. I have 8 shoots set up as a fundraiser for dog rescue. Very excited about that.
What I'm Reading I actually picked up my Kindle and read a chapter in a book I'm reading called How the Light Gets in: Writing as a Spiritual Practice. Need to get back to reading at least a chapter every day.
What I'm Watching Uh oh, I started a new series on Netflix:  Nurse Betty
What's On My Camera Fun summer stuff.
Quote I Want to Share 
Raisin cookies that look like
chocolate chip cookies are the
main reason I have trust issues.
A Peek Into My Week  Super busy! Coffee with a friend tonight, photo shoot tomorrow night, video shoot on Wednesday, Thursday I'm sure will find something for me. Friday, the kids are stopping overnight from their trip to Canada.
A Final Thought I'm so glad I have great women friends. Sitting in a circle with them last night was good for my soul.
love, susan

You Made My Day, Dude!

A couple weeks ago while I was driving back to Portland after spending the night on the Oregon coast, we came up on some road construction ...