Friday, January 8, 2016

Adios Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook account today. I've been thinking about it for quite awhile and this action falls in line with my theme word for 2016. Improve.  The countless minutes and hours I've spent looking at my screen is time I can't get back.  The decision was hard. I have a photography page I started some time last year and it is where I promote the fact that I love taking family photos (for free) for people. It's not a business. It is purely a hobby that I've been able to share with a lot of people through the FB page and word of mouth. Will I be asked to take photos if I'm not on FB? We'll see.  PICTURES of family and friends I will undoubtedly miss because I deactivated. Plenty of people don't have FB, right?  EVENTS may happen where I'm not invited because I'm not on FB. Oh well. I've never had a lack of things to do or places to go. NEWS will be from another source now. The straw that broke my FB camel's back was a meme that was put up by an otherwise funny source this week. It was a racist, bullying, not-so-funny meme that has become the norm on my FB roll. I've had enough. POLITICS can go on without me. I will not suffer one more day of seeing Donald Trump's face on my phone screen, bless his heart. MY BEHAVIOR is bound to change. It has already changed since I started sending emails to my closest people in September. Some great dialogue has happened and I hope it continues.

How much time do you spend on FB? Do you have trouble turning it off?

love, susan


  1. When I deactivated my FB account in early November, I really thought it would be just for a week or two. I had some stuff going on and didn't want the distraction of or procrastination by Facebook. I thought I would miss it, but quickly learned... I don't! Not sure when, or if, I will reactivate it.

    Brave and wonderful move, Susan! Enjoy!

    1. I wish I didn't miss it quite so much but I think that will fade with time.

  2. I do depend on FB for my photography business, but I also have adapted easily to those times when we're traveling and outside of internet. I totally understand why you did it, and I have a feeling that eventually FB will become less popular (perhaps?!), but I do love going there and catching up with my friends. Honestly though... I have moved only the most important people (family and closest friends) to a group - and that is the only group I follow when I don't have time to spend hours online. I do miss out on a lot... but what I miss out on, really doesn't involve me in a personal sense.

    Life is for LIVING! We are facing big changes within the next few months.... I probably won't have much time for social media once we cross the threshold into this next chapter.

    I am hoping to come here and check your blog more frequently. Forgive me if I don't. But I do enjoy reading up on your adventures and thoughts and life. Even if it's only sporadically.

    1. Well, my hiatus only lasted 10 days. I discovered that I didn't have any news source. People at work would be talking about something and I had no clue. Interesting. Yes, I think I'm going to unfollow a few people just for the sake of having less stuff come up on my roll. I can't wait to hear what's happening for you in your next chapter!


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