Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top 10 Things I Love About Today

I recently heard someone say that they always end their workday by coming through the door and telling their loved one the best thing about the day. Yesterday when I got in the car, he asked me what the best part of my day was and I said, "right now".  

Today, I'll try to be a little more specific.

  • It's Tuesday.
  • The a/c is working well in my office. Not so much at home.
  • I remembered to bring protein for lunch. 
  • I also remembered some fresh pineapple leftover from the weekend for my lunch.
  • Nobody has yelled at me yet today.
  • Remi escaped from the front door this morning while I was walking the other dogs. She found us half-way up the block. Dumb dog. Oops. That's kinda negative.
  • It's almost 1:00pm as I write this, which means half my work day is complete. Love that!
  • My housekeeper is going to reschedule with me since the a/c is not working. Love that woman.
  • I got a couple of texts from my friend who is traveling in Utah today.
  • I have 10 things to be happy about ... see above.
It's easy to name the negatives.  If you don't think so, just try naming 10 Things You Love About Today and leave it in my comments.  

love, susan


  1. 1. It's almost Wednesday and Wednesday is halfway through the week
    2. I have a doctor's appointment for my yearly physical and hopefully I'll get good news.
    3. I feel physically good today, no aches/pains
    4. I feel alert from a good night's sleep
    5. It's raining but I just put on my rain gear and went walking at lunch.
    6. I'm drinking a cup of my favorite orange spice tea.
    7. It's a fasting day and it's been easy. Score.
    8. I get to use my new double coverage health insurance at my appointment today.
    9. I have the most excellent coworkers.
    10. My husband makes me laugh.

    1. And BTW, I got AWESOME news at my doctor's appointment!! SO now I'm really happy! All my blood work number were w/in normal range which, considering what they were last July, is a small miracle. And all done with lifestyle changes versus medication. Yay me! :-)

  2. I loved this! I was just telling a friend that I need to write more positive posts because I've been kind of a black cloud lately. ("Nobody has yelled at me yet today." - for me this expires at 8:30am)

    Since it's the end of Tuesday here and I'm not sure what tomorrow holds I'll hold off on doing my own list. But your positive vibes are being stored in the back of my mind for a future post :)

    1. I'll hold you to that!! Thanks for reading! You've made my day!

  3. 1. I got my new glasses ordered at Kaiser
    2. No work tomorrow as not enough demos scheduled.
    3. Went to Home Depot and got a portable air.
    4. Love my car and the good air in it.
    5. No cook dinner..Carl Jr. did it for me.
    6. I finally put on a pair of shorts and they fit.
    7. I get to read a book tonight for no work in the am.
    8. Today was payday from work.
    9. My friend text me and be home tomorrow.
    10. I have a great friend and look forward to every bog she writes.

  4. 10 Things I love about today, so far. (This is a great challenge at 5:40 a.m.)

    1. I woke up without an alarm.
    2. Even though I went to bed later than usual, I still woke up early. (I’m a morning person, so I love that.)
    3. I read this blog this morning which kick-started thinking positive.
    4. Today marks two weeks of not giving in to emotional eating.
    5. I feel encouraged about my childhood friend who is battling cancer. I just learned about it last night and felt such grief for her, but then she called me as I was going to bed and we talked for a long time (thus my reason for going to bed late). She made ME feel better with her upbeat outlook.
    6. I opened an email from my daughter containing pictures of the grandkids wearing items I sent. They love their gifts.
    7. I get to work on a creative project today.
    8. My husband made me chuckle already this morning.
    9. Our portable A/C in our bedroom works great!
    10. I saved us money on our car insurance.

    1. A/C seems to be a common theme for us. We have to get a new heat pump and will be without a/c at least til Saturday. Not going to complain. At least I have a roof iver my head. Great list Trudy!!!

  5. Oh, wow. I will try for ten:

    1) I am pain free after the visit to the ER on Saturday. I still feel good emotionally because everyone there was kind and caring. I remembered to read the instructions they gave me.

    2) I am still pain free after doctor's visit on Tuesday. I have enough medications to manage the symptoms until my appointment at the spine clinic.

    3) A lovely rep for the insurance company called to say they're reimbursing us for six months of out of pocket payments for a medication I've taken for ten years, before they decided not to cover it any more. We paid $196.00 for 30 pills each month. The rep made my day!

    4) JC took off time from work to take me to my appointment, drove me to the post office after. I had lots of mail! He took me out to dinner. I read the mail today. My spirits were lifted even higher.

    5) A relative I'd lost contact with for several years called me! We didn't know we live within spitting distance of each other. Someone actually likes me! He and his family will visit as soon as I can act as a hostess again. :)

    6) I harvested a bowl of figs this afternoon. They're delicious when the sun's heat warms their centers. I missed being outside.

    7) I combed my hair without pain. I'd gone four days without caring if I had or not. I wore clothes all day that match, instead of the same gown, giving new meaning to "hump day."

    8) The best thing about this day is, I have no pain. I laughed because I'm happy. My "yesterday" was the ER visit that took care of my great "today" and my tomorrow is full of hope for the 28th, when I go to the spine clinic. I woke filled with hope.

    9) Another great part of today is feeling good enough to read this post. It is a sure sign of emotional and physical wellness if I'm able to look beyond my bed. So, thanks Susan.

    10) I have an appetite! That is a good thing. It is time to eat.

    I did it! Susan, you often make me think. I appreciate you.

    1. No pain is a great thing! Ohhhhh, the things I take for granted, like combing my hair without pain.

      Updated since this post: Our a/c was installed yesterday, much to our surprise. We slept like babies. We get to go on a trip that we thought we'd have to cancel. It's turned into a much different week than we thought it was going to be. It's all good. We survived!


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