Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three Minutes ... GO!

I've got winter brain. So many ideas and things to accomplish and so little focus.
Does that ever happen to you?
Last year, I took an online writing course. I enjoyed it very much and kept a few takeaways from it that I think are essential for writing  ... one of which is to get some chair glue. It has been difficult time sitting still. I'm restless.  Another great takeaway I've not been able to quite accomplish is making a space for myself that allows me to sit in my chair for any length of time. My office is always a mess.
Whenever I need something to write about, I go over to Mama's Losin' It and find a prompt.  I can't tell you how many posts I've written and deleted. I'll try this one and see if it makes the cut.
Ten Things I Can Do in 3 Minutes
1) Shower.   Yes, I can!! I learned how to take quick showers when I was traveling with my dad back in 2001 in the RV. After that, hubby and I took a long trip across the U.S. and often times showered in campgrounds where you pay for a 5-minute shower.   I'm a bit of a tree hugger so saving water is at the top of my list for reducing my carbon footprint.
2) Make a phone call.  Remember the egg timer when you were a kid? Keep it short. Who makes calls these days anyway. Right?
3) Throw together lunch. While I try to put more thought into it, if I haven't put 5 lunches together on Sunday night for my work week, I'm grabbing fruit, yogurt and whatever leftover I can scrounge at the last minute.
4) Pick up dog poop.  Seriously.  I know exactly where all three of my dogs poo. They are creatures of habit.
5) Make a cup of homemade hot cocoa. If you use Nestlé's, you are missing out on one of life's great pleasures. It's so easy to make and so much better when you make it with real milk, cocoa and sweetner. 
6) Create a greeting card. I make my own. Sorry Hallmark. Card. Ink. Stamp. Bam!
7) Change gears. Actually, I can do this in far less than 3 minutes as evidenced by our getting in the car for a Sunday drive with a destination in mind and change our minds by the time we hit the first stop light.  Love that!
8) Type 225 words. That's 75 words per minute. Thank you, Mrs. Pryse, for being the absolute best high school business teacher in the world. I've been able to make a living from this one simple skill.
9) Fill the Kong with peanut butter.  For my dogs. They love me for it.
10)  Edit a blog post. Save. Preview. Publish.
How about you?  What can you do in 3 minutes?
love, susan

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