Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Second in a series of writing prompts this week:  Hi, my name is Susan and I am (fill in the blank) an observer.
I am a lot of things.  I'm a dog lover. An adventurer. A procrastinator. Controller of the social calendar. Lover of people. Under the hood, I'm a little OCD about some things.  I'm a motorcycle rider, mom, wife, friend and like to think of myself as a worker among workers.
Truth: I don't really much like writing about myself. I have opinions and beliefs. Strong opinions about a lot of things but I don't really like putting them out there for discussion. I want you to like me and I always carry this great fear that you won't because I don't think or believe the way you do. There. I said it.
What I'm not is a great debater. I am not one to stand and argue a point with anyone. If you feel one way about something and I don't, I'll gladly let you have your way of thinking. I think I'm a pretty good listener, which is a skill I started developing a long time ago and still work at.  "Live and Let Live" is a motto that best suits how I feel about most things. 
I come from a generation where we sat at the dinner table together for dinner. I was taught to be polite to everyone and to pay my own way. I am my mother's daughter. That's something that is sometimes still a shock to me. Mom and I rarely saw eye to eye on anything but often times I now find myself thinking I am very much like her. Feels so odd. I guess we take what we want and leave the rest. She was a wonderful human being and everyone loved her. Who could ask for a better remembrance?
Okay. Whew. This was a hard prompt. Your turn.  What are you?
love, susan


  1. I am my father at times...I find I am able to fix and do things with almost nothing. Then I turn around and am my mother. I look in the mirror and see her. Now I am floundering around trying to find who I really am. My mind says one thing and my body says another. While I can not do all I want to do I find I am able to go back out in the public and be happy who I am now. Back at ya...Sue..

    1. Thanks for commenting Nancy! You really are able to fix a lot of things and make something out of nothing ~ a great skill I don't have. I am happy that you are happy! Love ya!


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