Monday, May 9, 2016


The last two weeks I've been running hard and having a good time but not doing much writing about it. I've been to this place in my life before and I regret when I don't record what's happening. I forget way more than I remember. 
We attended a little graduation party for a good friend of ours who finished up his bachelor's in nursing. He is leaving for Japan for a two week vacation and then he's going to try some travel nursing. What an adventure. The party was great because we had a couple of good mutual friends to visit with and we held each other's undivided attention. Rare these days.
Wednesday, three of my newest co-workers and I traveled to Lake Chelan for a spring training. I'd have a hard time writing about my favorite moments but getting to know my co-workers better was high on the list. The training was a bit depressing at different parts of the day as it dealt with victims/survivors of crime. My biggest take-away as I write this is that I gained a better empathy for people.
Yesterday, I took a road trip to Spokane with my favorite photo walking buddy. She had not been there since 1988 and we had a ball. We packed a picnic lunch and after visiting the Japanese Garden pictured here, we sat in the shade to eat. Next, we visited Trader Joe's. She loved it and I see another trip to the valley in our future. 
Getting ready for another week of work and then we're off again to Michigan to see our kids. I'm a bit tired from running so hard but I'm hoping to catch my breath this week, take it easy and get ready for the next adventure.
Is your life gaining momentum for summer?
love, susan


  1. How exciting to see Amanda graduate and the kids to start on a new place in their lives. I wish I could be there also. Summer will bring you and Gene many memorable moments and looking forward to another visit with you both also.

  2. Susan, you always have the most wonderful adventures! I think it's just great that you are always going going going --- and doing really fun things. I have no doubt that your summer will be filled with thrills!
    Have fun in Michigan. The weather should be wonderful...

    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. I've been on a dead run lately and told my husband, "I need to hit the floor running every morning." I'm worn out, but not from exciting adventures. Just life stuff. Things will slow down in June, and I look forward to a (hopefully) relaxing summer.


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