Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Five Days Older

I got to my work desk early yesterday morning and out of nowhere a flood of tears came. I had just said goodbye to my long time high school friend and a five-day vacation getaway. I haven't quite figured out why it hit me so hard but I was definitely not ready to be sitting at work. Luckily, I went to work a half hour early so I could adjust my otherwise vacationing mind to the fact that I was back at what my husband calls "the law factory".
Vacation was good for me. My high school friends and I had planned this trip months ago. There wasn't much for me to do except write it on the calendar. Brenda took care of the hotel reservations (I had forgotten she had a travel agency business in her past life). All I had to do was scoop up our other friend, Kathy, from the airport and drive us to Spokane for three nights of our 2nd Annual Great Girlfriend Getaway.
In my life experience, it's not easy to find good fellow travelers but these two friends are above and beyond good travel mates. Three days together could wear on some people but it didn't with us. We talked, ate great food, shared recipes, revisited the old days, kicked our feet up, laughed out loud and saw a bit of Spokane.
Above all that, I learned that Brenda writes an email to her mother every single day. I marveled at this and thought about it a lot. In a world that seems so instant and fleeting, I'll bet she and her mom have racked up hundreds of emails back and forth that will remain forever. As a writer, I freaking love that. Brenda talked about a road trip she is taking with her recently retired husband across the U.S. to see family on the east coast. I am so envious.
Kathy and I got to spend an extra two special days together at my house. We brought home a pile of tomatoes and butternut squash from Brenda's garden. One of my favorite moments from the weekend will forever be spending time in my kitchen, making a new recipe for squash alfredo with my good friend. We also whipped up a batch of homemade spaghetti sauce with Brenda's recipe .... a first for both of us. It turned out great.  Kathy recently retired. She is enjoying her newfound freedom and it shows. Both these friends are paving the way for me for when it's my turn to turn in my work badge. Love that!
Me? I'm coming down from cloud nine this morning as I write this. I'll truly look forward to the next adventures with these fine friends. There is a lot of life left in all of us to live. I look forward to seeing them again ... sooner rather than later ... to see what they've filled their days with.  Living forward.
In the end, we are all five days older. Isn't it a wonderful thing when you get to sometimes be on the path with people you love?
love, susan

Manito Gardens in Spokane, WA

Conservatory at Manito Gardens

Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA

Apple Store in downtown Spokane

Oil & Vinegar store at downtown mall Spokane

Riverfront Park, Spokane

Chinese Lantern Festival, Spokane

Saw an owl mid-day at McNary Wildlife Refuge
on a walk with Kathy


  1. What an awesome adventure and a great time of year for it. I love that Brenda writes her mom daily. Kelsi calls me every day or we Facetime ( I love technology). I would love to try a butternut squash alfredo!!! That sounds AMAZING! MIss and love you.

    1. Hi Shari! There were so many moments in this trip that I didn't write about. It was a very needed mini-vacation. I've been writing to my kids ever since I got back and amazing dialog is happening. I do love that. Love you girlfriend!

  2. What beautiful photos and heartfelt post (as always)! My husband writes to our two adult children every day. I'm the writer, yet he's the one writing to them. But I'm glad he's consistently keeping in touch with them because I have difficulty in doing *anything* on a daily basis except eat and sleep (and use the bathroom, but let's not go down that road, haha).

    BTW, I am mesmerized by your night shots. I struggle with night photography... I can't seem to get it... yet.

    1. I have engaged my son and daughter-in-law and my step daughter in almost daily contact by email. I'm a little amazed by it with everyone's busy lives. My step daughter says she looks forward to my emails when she takes a break at her job. I've learned more about our kids in the last month of emails than I have over several years. And, I have something to look at later.

      Those night shots are part of my practice, practice, practice mode. I believe I took my ISO up to 3200 and shutter speed down to about 1/15 or 1/20. The lower shutter speeds means I have to hold very still. Night time shots are not my favorite. I prefer late afternoon but my last mini shoot I had to use my flash and I was amazed by the great result. I prefer to not use a flash in people's faces but the dark of winter is forcing me to try new things. I have a shoot tonight after work and you can bet I'll have my flash turned on it. Darkness, ugh! Thanks for dropping in, Trudy!


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