Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wanderlust: The Cure

Susan and Gene
A quick weekend trip to the coast to cool off from the last three solid weeks of 100+ degree days was just what we needed. I'm glad I threw in my hoodie because I needed it once we got to the Oregon coast. I am a princess and have a very small window of comfort when it comes to temperature.
To our surprise, there were lots of whales spouting in Boiler Bay when we stopped on Saturday morning.  On our way home today, we only spotted one but we were thrilled.

Oregon Coast
Even though it was a long way to drive for cool air, a trip to the beach is never wasted. A travel tip I'd offer is that if you've worked all day and can get off work a little early, a 4-5 hour drive is just about enough. We overnighted in Salem and hit the road early Saturday morning (a mere 2 hour drive) so we could spend the entire day cooling off. We enjoyed a short nap in the afternoon and after meeting some like-minded friends, we stopped at our very favorite Newport CafĂ© for dinner before retiring.
On the way home, some dear friends who were on their honeymoon near where we were, honked at us as they flew past us. I'm still smiling about that! Love birds in a jeep. We're so happy for them!
Hope you did something fun this weekend. If not, you have time to plan something for next weekend, right?  love, susan

Devil's Punch Bowl at low tide


  1. Oh no! I thought wander lust was incurable! We don't need no stinking' cure! Do we? Let us forever ride on.


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