Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break With Blake ~ 2015

He woke up this morning and announced today is the final full day at our house.   As I was washing up the breakfast dishes, I was transported back in time to my own grandmother's warm kitchen. My grandpa used to get up at 4:30am (I think?) and start the side pork for breakfast. As I was thinking back, I wonder if I got that right? Was he cooking or was it grandma? She always had an apron on. The picture in my mind seems right but often it isn't.
Nonetheless, I remember just feeling so special and as if my sister and me were the only two people in the whole world to our grandparents. Their sole existence, in my mind, was to make sure we had that wonderful, thick bacon and hot coffee with cream and sugar and always something fun to do. I remember it fondly.

I hope he feels the same way.
Yesterday, we got up early to watch the movie Divergent. We had to because we had a date to go see the 2nd part of the story, Insurgent, at the  theater. He said, "it just won't make sense if you don't watch the first one." He was right.
Today, now that we've had what he wanted for breakfast, we're heading over to Walla Walla to hit a couple of thrift stores and maybe get a milkshake in Milton Freewater. It's a walk down memory lane for him as we took him and his sister there once and it holds fond memories for him.
His sister didn't come over for spring break this year. She is 13 going on 25 and you know what that means. This too shall pass.  We miss her.  :-(

I've got a couple of photos sent in to Costco for printing. I worry that someday these kids are gonna wonder where are all their memories are stored. There is nothing quite like having an old photo to take you back to a place and time.

Did you go anywhere for spring break?  Got memories of spending time with a favorite relative?  Do you print photos these days?  
love, susan 

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  1. I think the only photos I print these days are the ones I select for putting on a greeting card...using your wonderful idea.


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