Friday, March 21, 2014

Random Development

When I got home yesterday, I had a package in the mail. It is a journal that an online friend and I have been writing and sending back and forth ... for a year.  It is half filled and what kept me up last night wondering who will keep it when it is full.
I've never written in a journal to pass back and forth with a virtual stranger before but it really makes my day when I receive it and read what she's been up to. She is a very busy pre-med student who actually is an artist as well. Most of all, she has a very interesting life.
I'm an overworked legal secretary who dabbles in art, photography and writing. We have enough in common that this shared journaling works.
I had held onto the diary far longer than I should have last fall. When I sent the book back to her, I thought perhaps she had given up on me as it didn't come back until yesterday. She had lost my address.
Develop is the theme word I chose this year for myself. This is the second year I've picked an action word that I want to focus on.
So far I have:
  • Taken an online creative writing course
  • Connected with other writers and artists from beginners to pros
  • Bought a new camera that has a lot of bells and whistles to learn
  • Been on a couple of photo walks
  • Started writing morning pages (brain dumping journaling)
  • Minimized (my theme word from last year) my household junk on a monthly basis
Do you have a theme word?  What is it? Tell me how it's working for you.
love, susan


  1. Follow your dreams..never give up

  2. This is such an important theme to have and I feel inspired by your ideas. I think for me, as you've seen Tribe has become my theme word. I really love the idea of the journal being sent back and fourth. Thank you for your words and your writing!

    1. I love my tribe(s). I have different circles of friends and it is sometimes a balancing act. I'm glad your are in my circle!!!


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