Monday, July 1, 2013

Mt. Rainier Road Trip ~ June 2013

Mt. Rainier from a distance.
It's been far too long since just sat next to him in the car.

He once said if you want to get to know someone, go on a road trip.
So we did.

love, susan
Mt. Rainier, up close and personal.

Love how my funky little camera captured the falls just a little in the background.

By the end of August, the flowers are amazing on Rainier. Hope we go back!

Snoqualmie Falls. They are building something at the top.


  1. Your photos cooled my skin. Just home from the post office. Saw the fire that made the news yesterday. Too close for comfort. It made me sad; then I remembered what comes on the heels of fire. New growth! All we need is enough rain. When it falls I will recall the photos of your falls. Thanks. :)

  2. Nice little getaway. Got a little twisted around on the way to the falls, but worth the extra effort... Had never been to these falls and it was mesmerizing to watch the water coming down.. and I had nice company... gene


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